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Studying for the LSAT / Re: Retake Advice
« on: June 30, 2006, 03:41:04 PM »
I got a 166 on the June LSAT and my gpa is a 3.37. I would have been happy with 168+ but I'm thinking 166 might warrant a second go at it(I never perfected games and I missed seven on reading comp in June with a minus 2 practice average on those sections.) I would like to have a realistic chance at a couple T14s but after that Texas would also make me quite happy (I'll have in state.) So what say you? Retake and risk a possible one or two point improvement or be happy and start writing a badass personal statement.

It will be smart to retake in Sept and possibly Dec. too if your goal is t14.

das brit hast deleted her cousin

This took me a moment to understand.  But yes.  She's 5 and all of LSD doesn't need to see her.  (Though she is a cutiepie!)

Ryan!!! Do you have facebook and/or myspace?  Friend me!

where is your myspace?

woohoo Brittany in Hawaii?

All I got was insults about my picture so there will be no more real pic avatars.

i liked it  :(  It looked like you were going to break a glass with a spoon.

And the one of the chick from Pulp Fiction was just plain strange.

That was the big lebowski. Come to think of it, that was bizzare of me.

All I got was insults about my picture so there will be no more real pic avatars.

Wow.  It's strange to be just brittany again.  It's been a few months!  I think I'll stay this one for good now.  Simple.  Sweet.  Me.

You need a pic of yourself for the avatar and everything will be right with the world again.

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