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Current Law Students / Adderall-Law school finals/studying
« on: November 23, 2005, 03:56:43 PM »
Fellow 1Ls,2Ls and 3Ls:

 Would like your input on this subject.  Used the powerful blue uppers of AD in undergrad and currently considering using them for my three hour exams in law school.  I do not take these pills frequently but find when I take them while reviewing material, AD is extremely helpful and productive.  On the other hand, I got into law school because of my LSAT score and on that test under the consumption of adderall I scored signifiantly lower.  Therefore, for the ultimate LSAT test, I determined taking the blue pill was couunter productive and I did not consume AD on test day.  Ultimately I scored well enough to get into a T50 school (hence the previous sentence of LSAT=law  school acceptance).  I need help in determining if that should be the same rule (haha, I f-ing hate legal writing 1) for Fall 1L exams or if I should take the dirty amphetamine salt that makes me feel cracked out because it would keep me alert and focused upon fact patterns and black letter law during the final?  Please give input.  Don't judge.  I'm being honest and actually upfront about something a lot of people consume at many law schools. Thank you for your advice.

T john1

P.S. I'm not diagnosed with ADD or ADHD but I have a great deal focusing and my mind runs in multiple directions.  I do feel that IF I went to a doctor he/she would diagnose me with ADD or ADHD.  I'm reluctant because I know what the effects of Adderall are on me and DO NOT want to feel those everyday.  Complicates things..doesn't it? Just like a confusing hypo.


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