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Arkansas - Little Rock / Re: Gyms
« on: August 09, 2005, 02:21:34 AM »
Powerhouse gym is pretty decent, price-wise. Some apartments give free or discount memberships to certain places. Little Rock Athletic Club is out a bit further west, and is pretty nice. My brother and his wife go to powerhouse, and love it. They said I can hop on their family membership for about 30 a month. It's off N. Shackleford close to Rodney Parham.

As for hair, I don't trust anyone. They all charge too much to do whatever they want, and when you're trying to keep it long, that is not what you want people to do. I get it trimmed at Little Rock Hair Productions occasionally. Fil's my guy, he's very conservative and only cuts as much as you tell him to. If you get it washed, cut, styled, dried and all that it's like 50, 35 if you don't need it dried (which in the summer is nice). My hair's really long though, so it's probably less for normal people.

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