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Boston U / Re: Tell me about BU
« on: July 17, 2005, 04:38:10 PM »
Justice Luttig: "Don't listen to jsr315. He must be a disgruntled fool with no personality and a bad attitude." 

Most students at BUSL are very friendly.  Unfortunately, there are also a small number of insecure assholes at BUSL who need to make fun of others in order to feel better about themselves.  Justice Luttig is a case in point.  Don't put too much stock in what he says.  For instance, he writes that top 25% BUSL grads have "identical" job prospects compared with Harvard Law grads.  Yeah, right. Consider that the valedictorian of my class at BUSL clerked on U.S. District Court along with kids from Harvard Law who were ranked #352 and #413 in their graduating class--no comparison in job prospects between the schools. 

Luttig IS right when he says you can get a job with a BUSL degree if you are a good networker.  But that's true of any other school.  It's possible to get a job with a small-to-medium sized law firm in NYC or Boston with a law degree from Suffolk, Northeastern, Yeshiva, Golden Gate University, New England School of Law, Touro, or any number of other lower ranked schools provided you are a good networker and get lucky.  What prospective students should ask themselves is whether they want to have to depend on their networking skills and luck to get a job.  It doesn't say much for BUSL if the average student--i.e., the student ranked in the middle of the class--is viewed as an untouchable by big law firms and has to rely on family connections, a glowing personality, a steady handshake and proper alignment of the stars in order to find a legal job. 

As far as faculty moves go, I can't say that I'm surprised.  My impression is that BUSL has a very transient faculty.  No one seems happy to be there.  I don't know if any of this has changed, but when I was there the place was about as cheery as a morgue--the students didn't have jobs, the faculty felt underappreciated and the administration was under fire.  Given this environment, it does not surprise me that longstanding members of the faculty like Lawrence and Barnett would want to get out of dodge.


Boston U / Re: Tell me about BU
« on: July 12, 2005, 03:20:02 PM »
I graduated from BUSL in 2004.  Attending BUSL was the worst decision I ever made.  I was excited about the school when I enrolled.  All of the law school guides gave the place good reviews.  In particular, Princeton Review claimed that the professors at BU "rock."  Employment statistics on the school's website and in law school guides stated that over 95% of BUSL students had jobs at graduation with the median salary being $125,000. 

These were lies.  The professors, in my view, were average at best.  I thought that the professors at the small liberal arts school I attended were on the whole clearer, friendlier and at least as intelligent.  With regards to career prospects, maybe 25%-30% of the students in my class scored jobs with high-paying law firms.  Roughly 50% of the students in my class had no job at graduation.  This 50% included students who attended undergrads like Harvard and Yale.    For all I know, many of the students in my class who did not have jobs at graduation do not have jobs to this day.  And, in case you were wondering, you have to pay back your loans regardless of whether you are hired by a law firm. 

I was surprised by how little respect employers have for BUSL.  It is currently ranked #19 in the nation by USNews.  But if you are in the middle of your class at BUSL you are basically an untouchable.  No law firm will take you seriously.  You may not even be able to land a job as an assistant district attorney in some remote county prosecuting drunk drivers.  If you graduate in the middle of your class, you will have spent roughly $100,000 on your legal education and you will be LUCKY to find a legal job paying $40,000 a year.  You may not be able to find ANYONE willing to hire you.  Your dreams of becoming a powerful, highly-respected, well-paid attorney will be just that--dreams. 

Unless you are independently wealthy,  attending BUSL is not a safe risk.  Take a year off from school, and re-take the LSAT.  Score about 5-6 points higher the second time around, and you should be able to get into a school that actually will help you get a decent job (know that there is a WORLD of difference between how Cornell Law is perceived and how BUSL is perceived, even though the schools are only about 5-6 spaces apart in the USNews rankings ).  And remember that your odds of scoring a high-paying job coming from BUSL are about 3/10.  These are pretty bad odds, especially when $100,000 is at stake. 

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