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The Little Rock Downtown Partnership has listings for apartments:

Midtown Realty also handles many appartments in the area.

Well, hello fellow Law students.

Kelo is a case I've been following for some time.  I'm on the City Council in Conway so the protection of municiple powers is important to me.

This is a real heart-strings case.  The folks that own homes in the area the city wishes to redevelope have every right to be upset.  These homes are their property first off, and second off, a home is a very intimate and personal thing.  Anything that infringes upon its sactity is hugely distrubing. 

The fact of the matter is though, the local elected officials of New London didn't make this decision lightly.  The goal is to bring economic devleopment to their depressed city.  I guarentte you there is not a city official out there willing to take eminate domain lightly.  These decisions almost always occure after much thought and consternation, public discussion and ultiamatly much nose-holding.  The court didn't expand the power of eminate domain.  It simply reaffirmed 50 years of precedent.  The courts have consistantly held that "Public Use" is not confined to Infrastructure.  Economic Development is ofted used as justification for Private ventures like shopping malls, manufacturing, or higher/better uses (i.e. more tax revenue.) 
You guys are free to disagree with me.  As the saying goes, Where you sit is where you stand.

Adam Weeks

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