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Current Law Students / Re: ABA Vs. State Accredited Law Schools...
« on: September 10, 2004, 06:37:40 PM »
When I got my engineering degree, my particular program was not ABET certified.  In the engineering world, acredidation is done on a subject by subject basis, not the whole school.  The consequence of not having ABET approve the program would be 8 years vs. 4 years of professional work to satisfy the experience requirement to get your license to practice.  The school worked like MAD to get the program certified and they were ultimately successful.  Acredidation by the main sanctioning body of a professional field is HUGE in my opinion.  My lord, why spend the expense and time requirement to go to a non-ABA school when you can just as likely find a Tier-4 somewhere to take you.  You only do law school once, maximize what you're getting out of it.  If you can ONLY get into a non-ABA, you shouldn't be a lawyer IMO.  That would suggest you can't get into Cooley, and Cooley would accept Corky from that TV show back in the day.

Current Law Students / Re: Tips on how to study while reading case law
« on: August 30, 2004, 04:10:50 PM »
Ok, sources of outlines:

- Storelaw has some nice plug and play outlines for most casebooks for their software.  It's just section headings, you'll actually have to fill in the blanks, but it's free.
- Google and you'll find a ton, but it's a crapshoot if they're keyed to your book.  Plus, you never know how good the student was.
- Emanuel or Gilbert are both good outlines in general.  I have a a Glannon and I think it sucks, might as well read the real book.


- Google again and you'll find places like 4Law, etc.  Some are good, some are suspect.
- Storelaw will sell you the case briefs that plug into their software.
- Westlaw, but briefs are kinda thin IMO, like too thin
- Legalines, or whatever brand is matched to your book should work.  I use Legalines for two of my classes, and Casenote for another

LOL, one of our teachers flat out said that anyone who was decently smart could just grab an Nutshell (Emanuel I think?) and be set!  She rocks.  I got my second quiz back, this time in Civ Pro and I'm still top 5%!  I don't let my classmates though, I just pretend like I'm working hard and having trouble 'getting in' like they are.  I faked missing the 2nd question on the quiz.  When the whole class let out a collective WTF? sign/groan when the Prof. read the answer out, I acted like I missed it too.  It was tough, because inside I wanted to be like that dude on ESPN that stands up and goes BOOOYA!  Keep typing biatches, get your words per minute up and maybe you'll be my secretary one day.

Online Law Schools / Re: Concord Law School
« on: August 29, 2004, 12:18:33 PM »
Man, I wish I could like just watch video of my classes and not go.  Like, TIVO all that sh*t so I can fast forward through all the BS questions from 1/2 the class.  Like, as soon as that annoying, I wanna work on Capitol Hill chick 2 rows up from me in Criminal raises her hand I could hit the button and [Tivo sound]Bloop![/Tivo] she'd be gone.  Hell yes...

Current Law Students / Re: Am I studying enough?
« on: August 29, 2004, 12:13:42 PM »
At least I'm generally watching CNN or CourtTV when I'm being lazy.  All that Kobe and Scott Peterson trial action.  Did you know that semen comes on panties from the factories in China!?  That's what that Lee guy said regarding Jon Benet, and in Kobe's case, I guess it can stay on after a wash.  I still think he didn't do it, and even if he did, dude has multiple championships, he deserves a break.  It's not like he went all OJ on her.

Current Law Students / Re: Asking questions in class.
« on: August 29, 2004, 12:10:25 PM »
I tune out other people on my IPod when they're asking questions.  All I care about is what the prof says.  Two of my three are pretty old, so I doubt they're getting anything new from the student input.  I'm a bad person, though, so disregard my advice.  Just giving you the input, because I too am amazed by all the future secretaries in my class banging every word into their keyboards.

See babygirl, I told you having me over wouldn't be a big deal!  :-*

Current Law Students / Re: Am I studying enough?
« on: August 29, 2004, 11:54:52 AM »
The summary being wrong could be an issue.  If you received a bad grade because you trusted the summary, how could you contest the grade?

If your goal is to do well on the final exam without regard to learning or practicing the law, then perhaps you are studying enough, but perhaps you need to reassess your goals.

No offense meant.

None taken!  That's what I'm trying to find out, if this is enough to get all the content for the outlines to take into the finals.

Hoenstly, my goal is to get paid.  Top 25% and I keep my scholarship.  A GULC, you have the option of interviewing with places at the beginning of the semester.  I did the whole bounce around a bunch of hotel rooms and interview deal.  The dude from Skadden was like, for 1L Summer, just get top 10% and we'll hook you up with $2k take home each week.  I don't think I want to work at a place like Skadden after school, but I'm down with getting paid like that for summer work.  The guys from Pepper & Corazzini were way more laid back, but they only offer like 1/2 of Skadden money to 1LS's.  Even for them though, it was like, just get 10% or whatever it takes to be in the 'order of the coif'.  I think it was 10% when I looked it up for that.

Current Law Students / Re: Am I studying enough?
« on: August 29, 2004, 11:40:50 AM »
What happens when the summary is wrong or leads you to believe that case applies when it doesn't?  How will you argue in court that the case does apply?

Well, I'm assuming Legalines is a pretty correct brief for each case, so the summary being wrong isn't an issue.  And, there is no court component to the final exam.

Key point here, I don't care about preparing for some future event beyond the final exam.  Just trying to find out if what I'm doing is enough for the final.  I know that's like some cardinal sin, I'll be a bad lawyer, etc.  I'll go to see the Jesuits in confessional about that. (I'm at Georgetown)

Current Law Students / Re: Outlines
« on: August 29, 2004, 11:37:17 AM »
Ok, here is what I've done:

1. Made an outline using the Professor's syllabus.
2. Plugged in the cases under the various topic headings.
3. Entered in the Legalines briefs for each case associated with the topic headings. You can also get a lot of these off the net ( ) or off of Westlaw.
4. Entered in some information how each case relates to / differs from / builds on other cases
5. Enteted in Professor's notes from class for each case
6. Threw in some legal word definitions.  Legalines outlines the jargon and defines it.  If you need more, Westlaw has a legal dictionary.  Or just Google it.

Current Law Students / Re: Am I studying enough?
« on: August 29, 2004, 11:27:06 AM »
One question.  When you are a lawyer, how will you determine what law applies and how to use it?  In other words, how will you as a lawyer learn the law?

Listen to what he has to say, determine the issues, find the law, apply it to the facts.  Same thing as I'm doing now except I'm skipping the 'listen to what he has to say' part and just reading the summary.

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