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Current Law Students / Serious Problem
« on: January 11, 2004, 11:06:46 PM »
I am hoping someone here on this forum can answer my question. I graduated with my BS in 1999. My GPA is a miserable 2.32 due to the fact that during my younger years I did too much parting and not enough studying.I have held a full time job with a school district for the last 12 years and used this employment as a means to pay for my education.Now that I have a wife and two kids I would really like to go to law school and complete my education. The law school that I am looking at going to is either Texas Southern or South Texas College of Law. I am planning on studying for the LSAT like crazy for the next complete year so that I can score a killer LSAT score. What do you think of my chances? ???

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