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Current Law Students / HELP! Some Questions
« on: November 05, 2003, 08:47:31 AM »
Imagine you are being considered for a position as a law clerk for a justice of teh US supreme court. How would you answer the following questions?

1) What considerations should be given to the factual basis, rather than issues of law, of the litigation being considered for appellate review?

2) List some criteria to be considered when determining whether a writ of certiorari should be granted to an appeal from a state supreme court?

3) should your standards for granting this writ be more difficult when considering a civil rather than a criminal appeal?

4) Do you believe the standards for granting a writ of certiorari should be eased, either by, action of the Court or by Acts of Congress, so a greater number of cases can be reviewed on thier merits?

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