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I was looking at my LSAC online account and under the "Account Status" tab, if you click Reports/Letters you can see when schools requested your First Time Report, and when they requested your LOR.  Some schools requested them at the same time, but most did not.  It's also funny how I've already gone complete at BU, but they still haven't requested my LOR report...

Law School Admissions / UCLA email
« on: January 06, 2006, 11:32:50 PM »
I just received an email from UCLA encouraging me to apply there.  Is this similar to all the Havard emails many of you received?

Did anyone else (everyone) just get this?

I have a draft that is in that stage just past garbled mess, without a focused conclusion, and if anyone has some free time to offer ideas, suggestions, or complete overhauls complete with spicy new language, then please respond below and I'll send it your way.

thanks guys!

Law School Admissions / Any Tips for Emory / Vandy applications?
« on: July 20, 2005, 02:56:10 AM »
So I was mulling through LSN and non-URM people with my similar numbers high GPA, low LSAT(3.8/161), who seem motivated almost always apply to Emory, Vanderbilt, BC and BU.  Almost everyone gets instantly rejected from both Boston schools.  But Emory and Vandy are tossups, with a lot getting waitlisted.

I know everyone says that the law school application process is a cr'ap shoot, but I was wondering if anyone in a similar situation had words of wisdom on how to approach the Emory and Vanderbilt applications.

I figured my Personal Statement and LORs will help me a lot, but a good portion of my PS deals with the small, poor backwards Georgia town that I grew up in and how I'm now interning in Geneva, Switzerland working on arms control negotiations.  I'm not sure this emphasis on my hometown will help me much with the southern schools i'm applying to, but maybe with the NE ones?

Hey dudes, this is my first post.

I was planning on having 2 academic LORs, and one from an employer.  I've done 2 internships with the US state department and am currently working on arms control negotiations abroad for the summer.  Would it be better to have my boss from Washington, who I worked with longer and more intimately write the LOR, or the ambassador who I'm currently working under, who doesn't know me or my skills as well?  It seems like my DC boss would be the easy answer, but I didn't know if prestige or whatever really carried weight with admissions boards.

Thanks guys!

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