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So I got accepted to Hastings ED, and I'm going to be attending in 8 months.

My friends and family are all happy for me, but my girlfriend is not taking this well at all. She's been mad/sad/pissedoff about my decision to attend Hastings. We live in Orange County and have been together for over 2 years.

So anyway, my question is, anyone else facing this? and what are you doing about it? oh and, regarding long distance relationships.. will they work when one of the individuals is in law school?


This attorney I clerk for misspelled my last name on my letter of rec... instead of Huynh she spelled it Huyne. What should I do? it's already been sent out.. and there were two instances where my last name was referred to on the letter of rec, so they probably wouldn't figure it was a typo.

I've been working on my PS it's about my father passing away, and my Vietnamese heritage. I'm not completely sure if I'm writing my PS correctly (if there is a correct way) but any input would be appreciated. Just leave your email, or PM me and I'll send it out.



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