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Current Law Students / Working first year: terrible idea or possible?
« on: July 01, 2005, 01:13:30 PM »

I'm an incoming first year at Cornell, considering trying to find some part time work to pay for books, travel, food, utilities, etc., enough to earn a few $thousand/semester. I have a lucky situation where I don't have to pay rent or tuition.

I'm a fairly experienced software developer so I was thinking I might try to find freelance work -- that's how I've been paying my way the last few years and during my undergraduate experience. A few hours a week at $20/hr would be enough for me.

Thoughts? Is it possible to balance 5-10 hours of part time work with the demands of law school, especially if the work can be done at odd hours? If it's possible I might try to do that rather than borrow more money, and my savings to date will probably only cover the first semester of school.

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