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I'm a 1L and have started attending some of the various spring time seminars at the school, where local attorneys come in to speak and offer career advice, etc. I am wondering if it would be crass to send "Thank You notes" to the attorneys after their seminar. I don't mean slipping my resume in the envelope or hinting that I want a job or anything like that... just showing appreciation for their time, and making a decent impression to help start some kind of reputation in the local legal community.

My gut feel is that a simple email would be the appropriate medium for this sort of thing, but most attorneys do not make email addresses publicly available. All I usually have to work with are postal addresses for their physical offices. Are "old-school" paper thank you notes a little too "weird" for situations where you've only met for a moment or two after a seminar?

Each ABA-accredited school has a couple of PDF's on the LSAC website, containing information such as the LSAT-UGPA grid and bar passage rates.  I've noticed that the information currently on there reflects the Fall 2005 entering class, not the Fall 2006 current year's 1L's.  Does anyone know at what time of year those stat-sheets get updated?

Black Law Students / Non-black BLSA members?
« on: March 06, 2007, 11:46:35 AM »
I'm a part-time 1L, who has found that BLSA (National Black Law Students Association) is probably the best-run student organization at the school... and the most proactive in lining up speakers for helpful seminars (especially for evening students).  I've been to a few events so far this year, and am on the announcements mailing list.  However, a professor and one of the student officers asked this week if I would be interested in formally joining.

My first impulse was to raise an eyebrow... after all, if I were any more White I'd be translucent!  I went to BLSA's national website, and the mission statement is pretty unambiguous about it being a "student organization for future Black lawyers".  However, one of the questions they ask in the membership survey running on their site is, "How many non-black students are in your local BLSA chapter?"

Therefore, I'm a little confused on the role of non-black students in the organization.  I am sympathetic to the discrimination faced by minorities in the legal workforce... but just to be honest, my number one concern is getting established so I could have the option of discriminating if I wanted to!  I am also not a self-hating academic type, constantly putting up a front to show how "not-evil" I am.  However, I do have alot of respect for how the organization is run at my school, and I get a lift out of involvement with groups of people that are proactive and have their act together.

Does anyone else have any experience with non-black members of BLSA or similar organizations?  Did you find them to be "tokens", or otherwise disingenuous in any way?  I'd appreciate some honest feedback of what people think about such a situation.

General Off-Topic Board / Ask a Redhead
« on: May 18, 2006, 12:25:08 PM »
Well, since I'm starting an "Ask a Redneck" thread, I suppose I could also answer questions from my perspective as Scotch-Irish.  Fire away.

Oh, before you start... yes ladies, "the curtains match the drapes".

General Off-Topic Board / Ask a Redneck
« on: May 18, 2006, 12:23:32 PM »
Okay, there are threads out there for Muslims, blacks, Asians, and probably other groups I have missed.  For a change of pace, how about a question-and-answer with the only group that's UNIVERSALLY disliked?  In the interest of fair disclosure, I must admit that I probabaly don't really qualify as "redneck" (at least not in the eyes of my rural relatives).  However, I have lived in Georgia all my life, own two guns, have a passing knowledge of NASCAR, and know what chewing tobacco tastes like.  By LSD standards, I'm the "Squeal like a pig, boy!" dude from "Deliverance".

So ask away, ya'll! 

Since choosing my school for this fall, I created an account on the Student & Graduates side of the fence and have been browsing around.  No offense to anyone... but that entire section seems more or less useless.  Apparently all the really sharp law students stay away... half of the people on those boards are morons involved in really lame flame wars, and the other half are pre-1L's. 

Is this because intelligent law students don't have the time to post there, or is it because most people just keep their old Pre-Law account and continue posting here?  What do you think you'll do when you start this fall?

General Off-Topic Board / Immigration protests/boycott
« on: May 02, 2006, 10:27:25 AM »
Before I broach this topic, let me go ahead and throw some background and disclaimers out there.  I'm a left-leaning libertarian, to use some grossly-oversimplified labels.  I've studied Spanish for the past 5 years, including taking two undergraduate semesters of night class at a local university, even though it will probably never be of professional benefit to me... I'm just interested in the language and culture(s).  My brother and aunt have both married foreigners within the past 5 years, and I've learned from watching first-hand how screwed up and in need of reform our immigration system is.

Now, having said all that, I'm still left scratching my head at this week's immigration protest "boycott".  First and foremost, I'm not clear on what the goals are... and I don't believe anyone else is, either.  The rhetoric I keep hearing on TV calls for completely open borders and unlimited immigration.  However, with half the world's 6+ billion population living on less than $2 a day, even I'll admit that's a stupid notion. 

I don't even think the Latino community is united on that front.  Everybody is just looking after their own interests, ultimately.  I'm sure that illegal immigrants favor any rhetoric about legalizing themselves and their families.  I bet that many VERY-recently legalized immigrants are still sympathetic as well.  However, in talking with middle-class and more deeply established Latinos in my neighborhood and office, there's very little support for "unlimited immigration" and "total amnesty" rhetoric.  Educated and established Latinos seem to take the same attitude held by many educated and established African-americans during the 90's debate on welfare reform.  In both cases, there's a level of irritation that "The Man" is speaking ill of people in their ethnic group.  However, they don't necessarily disagree with "The Man" behind closed doors, and may even share some of "His" frustration.

Second to the goals, I don't get the method.  A boycott only has real impact if the people you're trying to reach feel its effect.  Shutting down Los Angeles, if I may be blunt, is pointless.  The politicians in LA are already beholden to the Latino demographic.  The rest of the country, however, doesn't care.  Atlanta was completely unaffected... I read that a road crew had to stop working on an exit ramp somewhere for the afternoon, but since those crews drag-ass and milk the budget as long as possible anyway, who cares? 

I can get behind a nationwide "protest", but a nationwide "boycott" was premature and ill-advised.  When you tell the Heartland, "This is what it would be like without illegal immigrants", and then everyone has a pretty unremarkable day... that's not doing your cause any favors.

Last but not least, I'm rubbed a bit the wrong way by the political manipulations of Powers That Be here.  I can't shake the feeling that most of the noise is magnified by cheap-labor conservatives and cheap-vote liberals persuing their own agendas.  There was an article in the Atlanta newspaper about a farm in southeast Georgia that "lost thousands of dollars" yesterday when migrant workers boycotted the onion harvest.  Now I have family in Videlia, and have to call major bullsh*t here... onions are planted in March, and harvested July/August.  There's very little for migrant workers to do for an onion crop in May, which is why they're called MIGRANT workers... they migrate to work elsewhere until the times of year when they're needed. 

That's just a small example of businessmen spinning lies to make the boycott sound worse than it was, I noticed several others.  Maybe I'm a cynic, but I just don't trust the motives behind businessmen who hunger for "temporary" guest-worker programs... creating a "permanent" underclass of laborers who can't vote or organize, and are beholden to their employer to avoid deportation.

I don't expect anything to happen during an election year no matter what.  However, if and when immigration reform does become a reality, I hope that it's REAL reform... making it easier to become a citizen of the U.S. (while limiting immigration to a responsible and sustainable rate), and avoiding "compromises" that help no one but businessmen and activist leaders looking after their own clout.

Oh well, that's my rambling... throw in your 2 cents if you're bored.

Choosing the Right Law School / Question for Ga. State admits
« on: May 01, 2006, 08:30:24 AM »
The only pending app I have left is at Ga. State, where I sent the app in last October and have been complete since mid-December.  I've heard absolutely nothing since then, and a message I left with the admissions office about a possible addendum letter (expressing interest in the part-time program if the full-time class fills up) went unanswered.

I am an EXTREME high-low splitter... such that if is any guide, I will either be the highest LSAT they turn down or the lowest GPA that they accept.  They haven't even sent me a waitlist or deferral letter, they seem to be literally just sitting on the app afraid to touch it until the last possible second.

It's pretty apparent that I'm not going to get a decision until after all the seat deposit deadlines have passed, so hence my question:  If you've gotten an acceptance letter from Ga. State, what deadline(s) did they give you for seat deposit(s)? Is there just one big seat deposit, or is it split into two parts for two different deadlines?  If I'm waiting for them to decide whether or not to "settle" on me, I'd just like a better idea of when they'll be in a position to make that call.

General Off-Topic Board /
« on: April 19, 2006, 11:40:42 AM »
Is this thing a dating/personals site, or a full-blown escort service?  The banner ads get so much more desperate for attention week after week that it's hard to tell.  I keep expecting to see a tagline about how their girls "speak fluent Greek" or something...

What's interesting to me is that I can't picture alot of women wanting to sign up for a personals site that's heavily promoted with threatening images of much hotter women.  These banner ads are obviously targeted at a male audience, which makes me wonder if simply presumes that the legal field is a male-dominated market.  Are there more female-heavy websites out there littered with banner ads of shirtless guys with washboard abs?

I know that this is probably a childish and whiny post, looking for speculation from peers who don't know any better than I do.  Still, my nerves are fried, and this kind of thing DOES seem to be why this board was built!

I've been killing myself over the past couple of weeks, monitoring the online status-checks for my target schools every hour on the hour.  The stress comes from LSN, where I've impatiently watched people whose apps went complete around the same time as mine get their decisions two or more weeks ago.  I've already gotten dings from for-the-hell-of-it schools I applied to because of fee waivers, even though I sent in those applications fairly later.  All of the above leads me to the conclusion that the admissions people at my target schools HAVE reviewed my app to some degree, and are simply sitting on it for awhile to see if anything better comes along.

Paranoia aside, at what point DOES a long wait become an "unofficial deferral"?  I don't even understand what is the point of a deferral at all, official or otherwise.  Is there REALLY some kind of late surge in awesome applicants toward the end of the cycle?  How many 165+ LSAT scorers are REALLY just now getting around to sending apps to T2-and-below schools for March?  One would think that the quality of incoming applications would be rapidly decreasing this late in the cycle.

I'm a few weeks away from needing to make a decision about the seat deposit with my safety, and the limbo is really wearing me down.  I can handle the not having a decision, but it's the not knowing when you will have decision that really piles on the stress.

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