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Choosing the Right Law School / Harvard Admissions Blog
« on: February 14, 2006, 03:27:20 PM »
Today's blog entry tried to explain what a "hold" means at Harvard...but it also said: "The rolling admissions cycle doesn't allow us to make final decisions on all applicants within the 2-month window (we promise applicants an update by the end of that time period)."

I remember the application information saying something about a "likely two-month turnaround," but I didn't know there was a two-month guarantee.  Even so, there seem to be several people on LSN who are still "pending" after more than two months (even discounting for abandoned accounts). Most people who were accepted heard back within a few days or weeks, and most rejection/deferrals came out before two months was up. 

Any thoughts on what it means to be outside the two-month window and still not heard back?  Is a deferral/rejection just lost in the mail, or is it possible to get an admissions call after such a long time?

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