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applied early Jan and they still haven't requested my report.  Clsoing in on three weeks now. UCLA, on the other hand, requested the day after I transmitted.  Maybe they still haven't gotten over their Rose Bowl defeat in Trojanville...

Here's my situation: Started out in a science PhD program but then decided to stop at a M.S. and go to law school instead.  Since I left the PhD program, should i have answered "yes" to this question on the apps.  Technically the schools didn't drop me and I left on my own volition so I'm not sure.  I filled out my apps a while back and answered "no", now I'm a little worried.

Law School Admissions / LSAC vs. LSN
« on: December 27, 2005, 09:50:36 AM »
So I've been looking at the LSAC GPA/LSAT school search and LSN to help me better gauge my chances at the schools that I'm applying to.  It seems like with LSAC, my chances at some of these schools are significantly lower compared to the percentages that got in with my index number at LSN.

I'm assuming that LSAC is based off of actual data submitted by the law schools themselves.  If  LSAC is a more accurate indicator, is using LSN for the purpose of estimating one's chances a not so good idea?

...received their scores.Pretty please.

Tacit approval was one of them right?

right before the LSAT scores are released?  I remember there was one in June but haven't seen one yet this time around. Don't want to rain on the parade but could this mean that scores might come out later than usual?

Studying for the LSAT / Missing LR question?
« on: December 07, 2005, 08:45:58 AM »
Sorry if this has already been answered but I'm bringing up this question again since I haven't seen a response.  Hopefully it'll jog someone's memory:

It was number 23 on the second LR about If the girl does something, something will happen and it will become conditioned. I put the answer..if you walk and train everyday the next day your muscles will be conditioned.

It was dismissed as being experimental but I only had 2 LR sections. Anybody remember this?

OKay, I'm gonna jump the gun: considering there are 101 questions this time around vs. 100 and 99 questions for the last two previous test, do you guys think Dec.'s scale will be a little more lenient or the same (i.e. -10=170)?

Law School Admissions / Cancelled LSAT on applications
« on: November 14, 2005, 09:23:25 AM »
In the part of the application where it asks you to list the dates you have taken or plan to take the LSAT, do you also include a date in which you had your LSAT score was cancelled?

Studying for the LSAT / Canceling/Mutliple LSAT question
« on: October 04, 2005, 05:30:55 PM »
Here's my situation:

Took the June '05 LSAT and got a 166 on it...well short of the 172-176 I was averaging on my practice exams.  I retook the exam this past weekend but felt sick halfway through--battled with insomnia the night before--and decided to cancel on the spot.  Now my question is:  If I retake the exam again in Dec., will ad coms look negatively at it since I will esentially be taking the LSAT 3 times (2 scores, 1 cancellation)?

For the sports food question, were there two distinct choices: easier to take AND easier to eat?  I vividly remember the later but don't recall "easier to take".  Both choices would seem like reasonable answers proving why the sports food advantage over oridnary food. 

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