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Current Law Students / How necessary is a laptop?
« on: June 18, 2005, 01:43:26 AM »
The school I will be attending in the fall does not have a laptop requirement so I don't really see a use for having one outside of taking notes. Even then I suck at typing so it seems like it would only slow me down. Is it really worth the money to get one? 

I'm looking to start applying to law schools in october (that is unless I do horribly on the June LSAT and need to retake it). Right now it looks like my GPA upon application will be around 3.05-3.1. I took a couple practice LSATs without preparation and got a 157 and a 162 so hopefully with some work I can get my score up to the mid 160s when I take it for real. I planned on applying to South Texas College of Law, University of Houston, and University of Texas. Realistically with those kinds of scores and the fact that I'm a middle class white boy, I have very little chance of getting into UT. I think however, that I'll definitely be able to get into STCL, and possibly UH which would be great as those are both very nice schools except for one thing. I don't want to live in Houston after I graduate. As far as cities in Texas go I would much rather live in Austin, but I'm afraid that I wouldn't be able to find work there with a degree from a Houston (or anywhere else for that matter) school. Is this the case, and should I look at some other schools? Thanks for any feedback.

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