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Does anyone know any good websites that cover the many different areas of study and specialties? I know you usually do not decide till second year but many schools have select areas of specialties and i fell I need to factor this into my decision? Anyone have any ideas?

I have been accepted to Cal Western (T4) and NYLS (T3). I want to end up back in California to practice. I was hoping to transfer. Should I go with NYLS and try to move up? Just want to see what everyone thinks. I am still waiting for USF and crossing my fingers for Seton Hall. It seems like they are taking forever....


GPA 3.5 & LSAT 149(Sad...)
Accepted: NYLS & Cal Western
Rejected: George Mason(Obviously), UNLV(tear drop), U of Hawaii, & DePaul
Still Waiting..... USF & SHU

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