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A little background: 3L, attending USD (for another week), have been using LSD since before I took the LSAT. Now, the things you should know:

1. DO NOT attend unless you're about as sure as you can be that you want to be here. A LOT of people attend primarily because they don't know what else to do and end up not liking it. It's a HUGE investment of time and money. Taking some time off and working after ug is definitely recommended if you're not so sure.

2. Rankings matter little. If you care about rankings (most do), don't consider the exact number, consider the number range (e.g., 1-25, 25-50, t2, t3, t4). That's really all that matters. Don't pick one t2 school over another t2 school you like better because the former is ranked 15 spots higher. When I started here, we were somewhere in the mid-60s, I don't remember exactly. The two years after we dropped to somewhere between 80 and 90, again, I think. Now, we're back up at 61. How did all this movement affect my experience? It didn't. At all. The only thing that happened as a result of the drop, as far as I can tell, was the dean held "meetings" to discuss and a decision was probably made to play the U.S. News game better. My experience did not change. My job prospects didn't look dimmer those 2 years and they don't suddenly look brighter now because we're back up in the 60's. Administration didn't suddenly get worse and then better again. Attorneys didn't suddenly stop saying "USD is a good school" those 2 years.

3. Ok, rankings don't matter. What does as far as job prospect goes? REPUTATION. Reputation in the market you want to be in. Generally speaking, yes, rankings tend to correspond to reputation, BUT (by way of example), don't sit there and think that your getting a Hastings or Davis degree will make it easier for you to break into the San Diego market than if you had just attended school in SD in the first place (even Cal Western...TJ's rep isn't as strong). Yes, Hastings is ranked quite a big higher, but they don't have much of a reputation here. Notice I said "they don't have much of a reputation" not that they "have a bad reputation." Attorneys base their judgment of schools on people they've worked with. As "better" of a school as Hastings might be than USD, if I find an employer who's never dealt with a Hastings grad and has mainly good experiences with USD grads, he'll probably choose me over the Hastings grad (all else equal).

4. If you don't want to graduate from the school you plan on attending your 1L year, DO NOT GO. I know, I know, "but I 'plan' to transfer." Most people here have it right. If you're going to a school where your first thought is "I plan to transfer," then assume that's also what 90% of your classmates are planning. DO NOT think "I plan to work my ass off" will mean a thing. Working your ass off doesn't say a thing about whether 1) you'll understand the material or 2) whether you'll know how to put what you know on paper. I don't care how brilliant you think you may be.

5. 1L is NOT the time to slack. 3L is  ;D. In gang speak, 1L is getting jumped in, 2L is earning respect, and 3L is running the cell block, not doing as much work yourself and just waiting to get out.

6. 1L may not be the time to slack, but you should still enjoy it. As much work as it may have been, I could say my first year was probably the most fun.

7. If you're going to do anything or tell anyone anything, be prepared for the entire school to know about it, even if you think the person you're telling is one you can trust. Don't not tell anyone anything, but if it's something you REALLY don't want people to know, then keep it to yourself. Got gonorrhea from that random chick you met in the bar and don't want people to know? SHUT YOUR MOUTH. Even people who don't ask or look for gossip (e.g., ME) will somehow hear about it. Hell, a lot of times, even admin will hear about it.

I'm sure there are more, but that's all I can think of for now.


8. Supplements are your friend.

So I decided that as a form of procrastination I'll see if any of you USD hopefulls (or just considering USD) have any questions that I can help answer. School's a little busy so I'll probably check in every few days. Argh, off to Civ Pro.

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