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Bar Exam Preparation / oh my god, Bar prep SUCKS
« on: June 13, 2006, 07:08:03 PM »
*official bitching thread*

i miss law school.  oh, how i long for the days i could surf the internet in class and make a relevant comment every once in a while...paying attention for 3+ hours is for the birds. :)

then again, i know plenty of folks prepping for the bar and working full-time.  so i guess i'm getting off easy.  but siting through 3+ hours of federal jurisdiction still sucks.

BTW, the Bar/Bri torts guy, Schecter...funny as hell.  his voice alternates between Jay Leno and Adam Corolla.

since i re-found this board when someone answered one of my 3-year old posts, i might as well stick around.  i remember being entirely overwhelmed during the application season (e.g., "what the hell is law review?").  no, i can't tell you where you should go, but fire away if you'd like.

btw, me = 3L, engineering undergrad, biglaw IP next year.

(edited title to include school)

Choosing the Right Law School / IP Law:  Rutgers or GWU?  $$$$$!
« on: April 29, 2003, 08:40:40 AM »
need some's my situation.

i graduated w/ a degree in Mech Engineering.  i want to concentrate on IP law.  i currently have approx. $50,000 in undergrad debt.

I've been accepted to Rutgers-Camden and rec'd a $5,000 scholarship, bringing tuition to $8,000/yr.  WL'd at George Washington (think i have a good shot).  GWU is $31,000/yr.  living expenses will also be borrowed, and will be a bit less in NJ than DC, but approx $16,000/yr at either school.

i'd like to work in DC after graduation but settle back in the Philadelphia area.  i'd like to go to GW, but i don't know if i can justify 4x the tuition...esp since i am already far in debt -- it looks like my total debt (undergrad and law) after RU would be in the $100k range, while GWU would be $200k.

help, please.  i'm not sure where i want to go in my legal career (firm, policy, corporate counsel, etc.).  i'd spend the money if it were worth it...i don't want to lose out on opportunities by not attending GWU, but the difference in cost (and life after school) is significant.  is the GWU experience/education really 4x better?

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