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Can anyone share a personal experience of someone who was faced with the decision between Howard w/ $ and a T14 w/o any?  My dilemma is this - Often people assume (generally speaking) that a JD from a T14 provides more opportunities than one from Howard.  However, one could argue that due to the debt incurred at the T14 vs. (in my case) practically none at Howard, a student could be more limited with the JD from a T14 because he/she would almost have to go to work in big law or into a (low paying) public/government situation, as the T14 (in this case) has a solid loan repayment program.  That rules out career tracks that fall in the middle of the pack.  Howard, although a third tier school, gets attention from firms who would not otherwise visit similarly ranked schools.  That said, the school also has a great alumni network. 

Has anyone selected Howard over a T14 or, conversely, rejected a full ride (particularly from Howard) for the full loan package at a T14?  Am I insane for even considering it?

Please, I'm not really interested in personal opinions or negative commentary  - I have heard more of those than I care to consider - but I would greatly appreciate any first hand knowledge of someone's actual experience.

Thank you kindly,

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