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Current Law Students / Attention Louisiana-based law students
« on: October 19, 2005, 08:53:50 AM »
Hello Louisiana-based law school students,
This message is intended for anyone willing to consider volunteering for the relief effort, even if  you are currently in school or working an internship. Being occupied with other activities does not disqualify you from helping out, and at risk of sounding like a salesman, I have the *perfect* way for you to contribute.

Governor Blanco recently issued a Governor's Order temporarily halting evictions in hurricane-damaged areas until October 25, 2005. In one week, landlords throughout the New Orleans area will be able to file evictions in Louisiana courts to oust tenants from their rented property. The lawyers here at Southeast Louisiana Legal Services (an organization dedicated to providing free legal services to the poor - and anticipate a deluge of eviction notices being served, which will likely lead to an overwhelming amount of people seeking legal defense against the eviction actions. Those affected arenít limited to poor areas of Nola, but will include tenants from all over the Southeast Louisiana and quite likely some of our own students.

In anticipation of this large amount of evictions, SLLS is putting together a workshop for public interest lawyers and law students determined to ensure that all tenants facing eviction are able to receive legal defense against these actions. This workshop is ideal for any law student interested in public interest law for many reasons. Firstly, it is free. Second, participation in this training session will enable a law student to legally represent tenants facing eviction in a justice of the peace court (thatís right, it is not necessary to be a card-carrying lawyer to represent someone facing eviction. Even law students like us 1Ls can stand in front of a justice of the peace and defend those whose homes are in jeopardy). Third, it represents a way for you to contribute to the relief effort while also building real-world legal experience. Fourth, it does not require much time and would complement your current academic/internship position. Fifth, representation can take place throughout Southeast Louisiana, including (but not limited to) New Orleans. If thatís not reason enough, consider most importantly that you may be able to help a family preserve its home.

If youíd like to learn more, please feel free to write to Laura Tuggle of Southeast La. Legal Services at (318) 222-7186, ext. 250.

If youíre ready to sign up, you should RSVP for the free training session in Lafayette (which may also be made available remotely via WebEx or conference call in case you are unable to go to Lafayette for the session). Details are as follows:
Tues, Oct 25th - Landlord-Tenant and Housing Issues
 By: Southeast La. Legal Services, Acadiana Legal Services Corporation   
 Time: 10:00 AM - 12:15 PM
 Location: Acadiana Legal Services Corporation 
 City: Lafayette, LA 
 Contact: Laura Tuggle of Southeast La. Legal Services at (318) 222-7186, ext. 250

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