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Just curious.  Almost everyone who was waiting going into this past week seems to have gotten a waitlist.  I expected the same fate.  But I still haven't gotten a damn thing.

Anyone else in the same boat?

Choosing the Right Law School / Some TOUGH choices
« on: February 16, 2004, 01:41:32 PM »
While I'm still waiting for my top 3 choices (UVA, Duke, Michigan), right now, I am in a difficult spot.  The 4 schools I'm into are UNC, William and Mary, Vanderbilt and Northwestern.  Of those 4, UNC is probably the school I like the most in terms of social life, location and atmosphere, but its the lowest ranked.  William and Mary is offering me half-tuition and a graduate fellow position, but if not for that, I wouldn't be considering it really.  Vandy is a top 20 school that seems to be solid in all respects but spectacular in none.  And Northwestern is the highest ranked, but in a location I don't love (and its d**mn expensive).  So what the heck do I do? 

BTW, I had a 3.75 GPA at a good liberal arts school in New England and got a 167 on the LSAT.

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