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My names Roman, and am finishing Middle School. This is my last year, and I'm finishing a highschool credit. My question is, I want to go to law school after HS, what classes should I take in highschool? Should I try really hard, and take all the harder classes? I'm currently registered for Honors English, Honors History, Double Honors Science(Biology) and Geometry 1-2 (thinking about doing it in the summer and going to Algebra 3-4). I was advised by friends to join Debate, take English Law, Business Math, join the FBLA (Future business leaders of America).

I'm a kid, and I don't want to screw up. I've always wanted to be a lawyer, and want to become successfull.
I'll appreciate any advice, i've been googling and trying to find advice and what books to read.

Anything you recommend is appreciated.


My parents have been making me to a special school on weekends to learn Ukrianian since i was about 4 years old.I know how how to read, write and speak fluently exactly like English. I have been bored so I don't go anymore, but I am still forced to Read ukrianian books. Ukraine and Russian are very similar, will this benefit me ever? International law maybe? Or is this a waste of time to continue it.

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