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General Off-Topic Board / to the hardcores..
« on: June 29, 2005, 04:10:58 PM »
Lane, Julie Fern, T, Maka, Twarga, Brave, InVino, Scurvy, Lizbeth, Social Drinker.. and all the other names that arent really coming to mind now..

Thanks for entertaining me with all your sarcastic, funny, witty, meaningless, meaningful, practical posts..

I feel like like i know all of your quirky online personas, though i rarely comment on your threads all that much (purely out of laziness).. but I do continuously read them at work/home.. and they truly entertain..

alrighty.. done being sappy..

p.s. i dont like the new kids all that much..

There is still one school (Temple) I have not heard anything from.. I havent called, because I dont really care, I've already made up mind to go to Miami.. but still .. it would be nice to know SOMETHING.. I know they received all my stuff and I was complete in February.. I got a fee waiver, so I dont think I can call and female dog saying that I should get at least a decision, whatever it may be, because I paid the application fee...cause i didnt..

Just curious if this has happened to anybody else?  Apply somewhere and gotten no response.. and you dont care enough to pursue it anyway..

Incoming 1Ls / Ladies' suits.. where to go?
« on: April 08, 2005, 12:09:56 PM »
Okay enough talk abour girlie laptop bags.. now where do we go to buy cool looking classy suits?? We're gonna need a couple for interviews, mock trials, etc..

Anyhow where is a good place to go for this? Any ideas?

Incoming 1Ls / BarBri Law School Prep Course..
« on: March 31, 2005, 07:39:35 AM »
..anybody know if it'll help?? i've been outta school for 4 years and am considering taking the course just to prep up and get back into acaedmic shape..

Have any of you heard anything good/bad about it?

I'm leaning towards Brooklyn.. It would be fun to live in NYC..  I'm from Miami and I did my undergraduate in DC.. so Brooklyn would be a refreshing new change.. I applied to the part-time program though (Why?, I have no clue).. so I guess I would have to get a job.. or maybe just see if i can start in the full-time program instead.. I leave for NYC tomorrow and will attend Brooklyn events for Admitted students on Monday.. I should have a better idea then..

Miami is my second choice (I think).. I mean its convenient.. I wouldnt have to move and I know my way around here.. and you cant beat this weather.. and all my friends are here.. HmMM..

I'm still waiting on GW.. anybody else?? I called and they said I should have a response by April 1st.. if I get in there (i doubt it), i'll have to go.. it would really be silly not to.. I wish they would send me something.. even if just a rejection letter..

Anyhow.. just needed to vent.. I think, eat, sleep, shower, @#!* with thoughts of law school on my mind.. anybody feel the same?

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