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Current Law Students / It's all over - for now
« on: May 06, 2006, 07:41:59 PM »
Friday morning: craming last couple rules into my brain for Civ Pro final
Friday at 5:00: sweet relief - last exam finished
Friday at 7:00: after 3 beers and some pool - time to attend end of year party
Friday at 11:00: a little hazy
Friday/Sat moring 2:00: arrive home - chicken salad sandwich, water, sleep
Saturday morning: slight headache, 1L year over - pleasantly surprised with first grade posting - an A in Crim Law - I guess that's good since I'll be doing crim work this summer.

Incoming 1Ls / Save yourself the trouble
« on: April 21, 2006, 01:14:53 PM »
That's right, don't send in any more seat deposits, call the bursar and try to get it refunded.  There is something better to do than to go to law school.  I personaly would rather have an entire football team run a train on my ass than to go to law school.  Classes aren't bad, sometimes boring, sometimes interesting, but EXAMS....
Well F-bomb exams, Is it even possible that I conteplated suicide 4,374 times during my final week (actually that's a low estimate), It is 75 degrees and sunny, yet here I sit locked in my appartment at my desk for the next two straight weeks.  I know what you're thinking, two weeks isn't long.  Well imagine two weeks straight of having your nut sack hairs plucked out one at a time, then after each plucking a midget runs up and kicks you in the shins.  It would be one thing to be studdying for a history, English, math or whatever final for two weeks, that would be tolerable - this is not.  Worst part Civ Pro is the last exam, which basically requires you to memorize ALL of the fed rules of Civ Pro, and thier application, and be abble to spot wich one should be used when in this pile of facts that looks like dream you had after a bad acid trip.  F law school, F exams, F the next two weeks ... save yourself the trouble and quit now - go get an MBA, or PHD in something easy, or maybe just say screw it and work construction.

Choosing the Right Law School / Toledo 1L Taking Questions
« on: December 11, 2005, 09:02:40 PM »
just finished my last exam, so fire away.

Incoming 1Ls / 2 comments/questions
« on: August 31, 2005, 07:00:05 PM »
First, why are you current 1L's still posting on the pre-law side of this board.  You are now in law school, so get on over to the other side and recreate your screen name.  I want maximum responces from actual law school students and for this to happen ya'll need to get your asses over there. - thank you

Second, has anyone else encountered the people who furiously take down everything said in class.  I even have one in my Legal Research and Writing class, a class in which 90% of your grade is based on a writing assignment next semester.  What is wrong with these people, even in a regular class like contracts you need very little notes, just key in on important things and make a good outline.  It seems like these fella's are missing the point.

That's right in Michigan we have been getting snow all night and into today.  5" or so thus far and it's still comming down real good.  Last week we had an 80 degree day, now we have snow and 31 degrees.

Choosing the Right Law School / Bad Day, looking for support.
« on: April 21, 2005, 01:54:11 AM »
Applied for loans for PSU-Dickinson and was denied.  I have decided to go to Toledo, it is only half the price and I don't want to get a co-signer.  I really had my heart set on PSU, I was even planning on staying in the area for many years if possible.  I don't really like Ohio, but returning to Michigan would be OK.  I have heard Toledo is a great school, I will visit in a couple weeks.  I think I am mostly disappointed in the location rather than the school.  My cousin, a Toledo grad, was very happy there and is excited that I am going.  He has only good things to say about his former school (1990 grad).  Well, there is no real point in this post, but comments are welcome.

Choosing the Right Law School / Toledo vs PSU-Dickinson
« on: April 19, 2005, 10:32:00 AM »
Ok, I love PSU and have wanted to go there from the start.  I would not mind spending time in central PA after school, maybe even a long time.  I could not handle living in Ohio, but I am from Southeast Michigan and could stay here.  Will Toledo's rep carry into SE MI?  Also, I may try to move to Charlotte after school since I will have family there.  I will pay for LS myself, I already have 20K in undergrad debt.  Toledo is 12K per year while PSU is 25K, and COL is similar both places.  Also, my admission to Toledo is a reduced load program - 9 credits (daytime) first semester, then full-time.  I would automatically go full-time after first semester, it's not conditional or any other BS and I would finish on time (3 years).  My heart says PSU, but my wallet says Toledo.  My fiance on the other hand says PSU.

Choosing the Right Law School / A story about Cooley.
« on: April 15, 2005, 12:22:02 AM »
A little over a year ago I was getting ready to apply to the secondary education program at my undergrad institution, Oakland University.  No, it's not in Oakland CA, it's in Rochester MI.  At this point I was not real excited about becoming a teacher, but what the hell else can you do with a BA in history.  I was strolling around campus and saw a banner for Cooley Law School.  Yep that's right, Cooley.  Apparently they had a satellite campus at my school, little to my knowledge.  I had heard of them, but not very much, only that they were a law school and I thought they were in Lansing.  Well, I was throwing around the idea of saying F- secondary ed, I'll just go to grad school.  But frick, a PHD in history would take like 5 or 6 years and I would have to work my as$ off to find a job that pays sh!t.  F- that too.  I have always enjoyed law, but never thought of it as being accessable  to an idiot like myself.  I went to talk with someone at the Cooley office on our campus.  They went over the admissions process, etc., etc.  I even asked about there reputation (I had already noticed they accepted lower LSAT's than other MI schools).  I asked why I would attend Cooley over other MI schools, they said "Cooley has a great rep, and lots of alumni working in the area".  I proceeded to research law schools and my cousin came over for a visit.  He has his own practice, I told him I was thinking of law school, and asked his opinion of the Michigan schools.  His responce "Avoid Cooley like the PLAGUE, nut both MSU and Wayne are great", "of course UofM is the best if you can get in."  He was waitlisted at UofM and chose a scholorship at Toledo way back in the day?  Well, frick, there went my idea of going to an easily accessable school in the area.  My fiance had just left her school in Arkansas to be with me in Michigan.  Now I have to spring the idea of moving away on her and law school.  The first thing she said was that I SHOULD be a lawyer, but she was less excited about the prospect of moving out of town.

After doing more research I figured out the whole process and signed up for the June LSAT.  Unfortunately I didn't practice much and only scored a 158.  I found law schools I was interested in and looked for when I could talk with representatives.  There was a forum at UofM coming up and I figured I would go.  I drove to Ann Arbor and headed toward the building it was in.  When I arrived I found a registration table, they asked for my student number and such.  I was like "my student number might not do ya much good, I'm from another school."  She sat there with a quizical look for a few seconds before saying "I guess you can just head in."  Almost all 180 someting of the schools were there, even Cooley.  I paid visits to all the schools I was interested in and finally stopped by the Cooley table (they were so lonely).  Every once and a while they would talk with some kid who cleary F-ed up the LSAT or was failing out of UofM.  I walked over and was greated by a "hello" that was chocked out over a dognut followed by "can I amswer any questions for you."  I had one question, why did a representative mislead me by telling me that Cooley was comparable to other Michigan law schools, even better in many ways.  Also, why was the Oakland sattelite campus not upfront about there lack of accreditation for more than 15 credits, which is like one semester that could be taken at Oakland before having to move two hours away to Lansing.  I told them that my cousin advised me to avoid them like the PLAGUE and I felt they should be more upfront about there niche in the law school kingdom.  They of course were sorry I felt that way, blah, blah, blah.

I must say, thank you Cooley, if not for that banner I may not be going to law school.  A decision that has felt more right than any other decision I have ever made, except maybe getting married.

I think I posted this because I am bored and need a break from writting this paper for class.?

Visits, Admit Days, and Open Houses / PSU - open house
« on: April 06, 2005, 11:56:05 AM »
anyone going? I visited in February - so I'm 95% sure I'm out.

BUT.... I want to hear about it.

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