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Law School Admissions / Withdrew and Drinking Ticket
« on: February 08, 2004, 06:44:52 PM »
Hi all, I have two quick questions, and would appreciate any help. 

I withdrew (W/P) from classes for one semester due to the fact that I was supporting myself through school and working 50 hrs/week with full-time school was not working out.  I was hoping that someone would have some info on how much a typical school would weigh this.  I worked 40-50 hrs a week with a full course load for 2 semesters, reduced course load for 1, and 1 semester with no classes.  I am still graduating on time and will have a 3.4 UGPA (take LSATs in June). 

Also, I have had an expunction of a charge for underage possesion of alcohol.  Do I have to include this in the application if it asks "have you plead guilty...."  I was under the impression that if I filed for expunction, I did not have to report it. 

Again, any help is appreciated, Thanks!

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