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Choosing the Right Law School / UNC Preorientation - observations
« on: June 10, 2005, 03:55:48 PM »
Well, I just got back from preorientation at UNC.  I promised a report, so here are some thoughts.

I was impressed with the turnout, seemed like we  had easily over 100 people.

We checked in at 8:30 in the law school rotunda and had an informal breakfast/chatted with some other admitted students.

After the breakfast, they took us to an auditorium and we listened to a professor speak about the "first year expectations."  He said we wouldn't remember anything he said, and in my opinion he was basically right.  I guess that's how it is with any speaker though.  I drifted in and out of attention. 

We then moved on to a Q & A with some 2 and 3L's.  This was probably the most informative aspect of the program.  Basically they informed us that UNC is not at all a cutthroat law school and that open cooperation among students is practiced and encouraged.  One student talked about how he missed a few days of class and 20 people were emailing him asking if he needed notes.  The students also mentioned that law school will take up as much space in your life as you let it.  One of the students talked about how his law school life became so hectic that he and his wife separated after first semester.  Overall, the grading is tough but the atmosphere is very collegial.  That was pretty much the take home message. UNC also has a "bar review" every Thursday where the students go out to various bars and let off some law school stress.  We had a mini bar review last night, and some of the 2L's I talked to said bar review is a big deal, especially among the younger students.

After lunch there were a few more presentations about law clinics, journal opportunities and scholarships/financial aid.  By this point I was getting sleepy and the lack of scenery change (all of the presentations were in the same room) kind of contributed to my apathy.  Basically they stressed the large amount of pro bono work done by 1L's at UNC.  Although it is not required, many students choose to do pro bono work their first year. 

That's about all.  If anyone else has anything to add or has any questions let me know.

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