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Going to be in NYC weekend of 4/8-4/10 and was hoping for suggestions for good (and moderately-priced) restaurants and bars in Manhattan.  Suggest away!

Will be visiting Fordham on 4/8 but they don't have any classes available to visit on Fridays.  :-\ I can visit a class a Brooklyn, though, and want to be sure I have some decent Fordham info so that I can make a fair comparison.  Anyone sat in on a class at Fordham and can describe the experience?  If you can compare it to other schools (Brooklyn or similar) that would be great.


Just out of curiosity, after reading and participating in the "plague" thread, I was wondering if we could shed some unscientific light on how prevalent a problem this really is in the law school admission process.

Anyone received any news, good, bad, or otherwise, from any of these four schools?  Every day I keep expecting to find small, thin envelopes, but I haven't heard a single peep from any of these schools in literally MONTHS.  Any info anyone can provide is appreciated and will be rewarded with many genuine virtual kisses.

Choosing the Right Law School / A Deposit Conundrum...
« on: February 28, 2005, 05:38:22 PM »
So here's the sitch...

I have been accepted to Brooklyn and Fordham.  I like both schools, but am leaning strongly toward Fordham for various reasons.

I live on the West Coast, and scheduled one weekend to visit NYC and check out these schools, and any others I might get into in the interim.

I can only go one weekend:  April 8-10

Fordham is giving me until April 15 to decide, Brooklyn only until April 1.  I have asked Brooklyn for an extension, giving my circumstances, but have not heard yet if they will allow me to make my decision by the 10th instead of the 1st.

I would hate to not pay the Brooklyn deposit, get to NY and absolutely hate Fordham.  I'm not sure that's as likely as paying the Brooklyn deposit, having my Fordham hunch confirmed, and then being out at least $150.

What would you all do?

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