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Hey guys,

I am in a little bit of a bind here.  I currently live in ATL, and wanted to go to law school out west (California). Originally from Toronto and did not want to go back into the cold.  I was rejected at a few of my first choices and left with a few.  I was waitlisted at:

University of San Francisco
Golden Gate
California Western

If you guys had the choice where would you go?  You guys may think this is a stupid comparison also :)  I just want some advice.  I know USF & Rutgers are probably the best out of those.  How would you guys rank those four?  I ranked them as: 1) USF 2) Rutgers 3) Cal western 4) Golden gate.  If I get into Rutgers and Cal Western or Golden Gate, would you guys choose Rutgers because of the better ranking/reputation?  I would like to be practicing in California, but I think turning down Rutgers for California Western is a little bit crazy.  Comments?  Also if I go to Rutgers would I have an extremely difficult time finding a job out west?  Whereas if I went to say Cal Western, and worked for a couple years I could have a decent comparable salary?

Thanks Guy.


Choosing the Right Law School / CA / NYC / ATL ?
« on: October 18, 2005, 06:33:13 PM »
Hey guys, I am trying to figure out WHERE TO apply to law schools.  I am basing this not only on school rankings, but moreso on the state where these schools are, which is where I would be practicing after graduation..

Currently I am in Atlanta, dont like it much.  Schools I considered here are Emory & University of Georgia.

CA Side - UCLA or USC maybe even Pepperdine...

NY Side - Cornell, Cardozo, Brooklyn, NYC

Now if we can suspend rankings for a second and how xxxx school is superior to xxx school.  Where would you want to live??  CA has a great climate, and good market.  NYC Has fantastic ethnic diversity and a hot legal market and ATL i've been here for two years (completing undergrad), and I am not impressed.  Seems way to segregated white/black/hispanic (sorry if Im bashing ATL, just my personal views).  A positive for ATL Is climate & Housing is cheap. A $250K Home here is about $500K+ In the other two markets.  Your salary goes far in ATL.  Plus ATL if you go to Emory has firms come trying to recruit for jobs in NYC.  But I would imagine a school like Cordozo which is in the city would have 10x the firms coming then a school a two hour flight away to ATL.

Now lets say you got into Emory, UCLA & (Cornell or Cordozo) .  What would your first choice be and why??

I am trying to decide if If the lure of a big city life, like NYC is worth not attending Emory.  And if I am out of my mind let me know!!  If I am looking at entertainment law (or IP), the CA market would be fantastic, and UCLA or USC would give me a great start...but is it considered big city life??

I just want to get your have a chance to get up and leave, no strings attached find a school to go to and a new place to practice afterwards..where would you go? 


Minority and Non-Traditional Law Students / Indians in Law School, WHERE?!
« on: September 02, 2005, 06:52:24 AM »
Being East Indian myslef I would like to know geographically which area in the US has a decent population of East Indians.  That seems to be my main factor in deciding to leave Georgia, and attend law school In a different state.  I just feel like TOO MUCH of a minority here.  At my undergraduate institution, and most of the classes I attend here may be one desi per class of 40 students.  I dont have anything against white/black/hispanic dont get me wrong, I just want to see more of my kind around.  When you are such a minority there is a lot of ignorance, which I have never been exposed to until I moved here.

I am originally from Toronto and have come here to complete my degree then law school next fall, and dont plan on returning to Toronto.  However, in Toronto it seemed like almost one in six or seven people was indian, and it was a nice community or place to go out meet people, have fun and even looking into the future raise kids and have them exposed to a good mix of east/west traditional values.

I was thinking of CA or NY ?  Sort of leaning towards CA just because fo the warm weather.  I just dont see any statistics released on the amount of indians IN law school, just the broader minority broken into subtopics which dont include indians.  Perhaps even living in a geographic area where we are well represented, not even necessarily in law school. What do you guys think?


Hey guys/girls :)  I really need some help with this LSAT it's totally killing me.
My GPA is a 3.64, and my highest lsat score is a 156 (and that was untimed, doing everything very slowly and carefully).  Generally though, my lsat's range in the MID 140's, and today i took the June 2001 lsat and got a 138. 

This is very dissapointing, i have now practically completed the Powerscore course (2 months worth) and went from an initial never looking at the lsat score of 142, to a 2 months later lots of notes, lots of studying, i assumed lots of learning, score of a 138.  This is totally pathetic i know.  I had high hopes of reaching a 165, and with my 3.64 GPA going to a top 20 law school.

Im not giving up dont get me wrong.  I just need help with studying.  Do you guys think I should try a Kaplan course, or Princeton, maybe just buy a whole buncha books?  Or will everything be the same?  I am assuming something with the powerscore material didn't help me like it should have, or I t just didn't click with me.  Any reccomendations on good books? I have the Powerscore LR & Powerscore games bible.  I dont know :(  I could use some help advice, I am signed up for the Oct lsat, but will most probably take the december, or put it off till next fall and keep studying until then (just go to law school 1 year later then planned).


Hey Guys, got a question for you.  Im a canadian citizen who is going into his senior year in undergrad at a U.S. institution in Georgia.  I've been here for three years, one more year to go.  Im writing my LSAT this year and plan entering law school fall 2006 in the US (any school in the top 20 will do).  What im curious about is, I know during summers and after graduation I will be able to find work here in the U.S. and write the bar and find a company to sponsor my visa after graduation.  I know lots of internationals who have, no problem there.

  My question is what if i decide i'd like to practice in Canada (go home to Toronto), how does my J.D. hold up?  I know in Canada you dont get a J.D. unless you go to U.of.T. which happens to be the hometown where im from :)

Just curious!!  Can I come back to Canada to practice?  Will i just have to sit for the exam again, or does passing the Bar count? I figure I will probably end up in  NYC working 80 hours a week blah blah blah.  If anyone knows please drop me a line!  THanks!


Law School Admissions / When to take LSAT ?
« on: March 24, 2005, 03:03:52 PM »
Hey hoping to be in law school fall 2006.  Im curious as to when I should take my LSAT?  Im currently scheduled for Oct. 1st date, and hoping i'll be prepared enough.  If I dont take the test on that day, and take it in Dec. will that leave the schools enough time to get results and make a decision?  If I take the test in Oct. am I eligible for early admission/acceptance?  I know if I had an extra two months (till Dec.) I would probably score higher, but dont want to worry about not being accepted because of rolling admission, or an incomplete file.

Also another question.  When should I start actually APPLYING to these law schools?  Before/after my test?? 

Thanks guys..


Law School Admissions / Leave hardest classes till end?
« on: February 27, 2005, 08:22:19 AM »
Hey a question here.  I'm at a stage now where I can mix in some really tough classes i've been avoiding and some easy courses to bring down my GPA.  (Assuming i get B's in the hard classes and A's in the easy, say balance at 3.5).  I basically have 4 hard classes left, they are all in my major.  Now im wondering if I should leave those 4 classes till my last semester?  I would have already applied to law schools, they would have a inflated GPA for me, and who knows while im doing these hard clasess i'll be hearing back from law schools (spring 2006).

So what do you think? Im not sure what kind of stipulations law schools place on your acceptance, e.g. must maintain 3.7gpa or must have a degree (obvious one sounds stupid i know). 

Because if i leave it till the last semester my gpa will be great, and i'll be about 15-18 creds shy of graduating and i'll mix in 4 tough classes with 2 easy ones. I would have already written my lsat, already filled out all my applications and basically just be doing the tough classes, and waiting for my acceptance letters. 

What do you think? I'm not sure how the acceptance letters work, or any requirements they have..

Thanks guys..


Law School Admissions / Transfer GPA calculated ??
« on: February 23, 2005, 06:59:44 AM »
Hey a question about my GPA here.  I started college in 1999 in Toronto, Canada.  Completed a 2 year diploma with a 3.23 GPA.  Started here in Georgia Fall 2004 in hopes to complete my degree and head to law school. Transferred in 45 credit hours with letter grades A,B,C whatever my grades were, but those transfer credits WERE NOT used in my GPA Calculation.  Basically I started from scratch 0 GPA.  Now when I start applying to law schools Fall of this year, I should have completed MOST of my academic work, and have a GPA at this school of about 3.7.

My question is, when all the transcripts are sent to LSAC/LDAC ?? :)  How will they calculate my GPA ?  Will they average both schools, or go with my most current GPA from this school which is on my transcript?

Big question for me cause this will probably be determinant in me attending a top law school or not.  HELP!


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