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Choosing the Right Law School / Brooklyn vs. Villanova -- help!
« on: May 19, 2005, 02:13:31 PM »
Ok, so basically for the last month or so i've been 100% villanova.  have an apartment lined up with my best friend from high school (in grad school at temple), and a bunch of friends and family in the area.  then today i get off brooklyn's waitlist.  my best friend from college is going to brooklyn, living in the new dorm.   there is still space in the new dorm.

acceptance at brooklyn is only PT, evening.  'nova is FT day.  i'm coming right from undergrad, and don't plan on working.  what should i do?

Acceptances, Denials, and Waitlists / Temple WL
« on: April 02, 2005, 10:02:24 AM »
notification arrived today.  granted i am not exactly overqualified for temple, but i am a PA resident and have had some relatives graduate from temple law, so its in the family a little bit. 

in the letter, it says "a statement describing your specific interest in and commitment to attending Temple Law School would be especially helpful" ... does this mean they think i wont go there?  I'm a PA resident, both parents from philly, had a LOR from former boss (temple law alum), etc... guess writing an essay tying it all together wouldnt hurt.  just strikes me as weird.   is this cause i'm not poor?  (you know how temple loves to help the underprivelaged... very respectable, but am i being discriminated against because i didnt apply for fin aid?  just a theory)

so about 4 days into my spring break trip to amsterdam last week (mostly for a music festival, but also for the local "culture"), i wander into an "internet coffeeshop".  free 15 minutes of internet access with "purchase".  so i'm feelin pretty good, go to give my email a check, and the first message is from my mother -- apparently my villanova acceptance (big envelope, she said) arrived at my parents house.. she opened it and emailed me the good news.  needless to say i was excited (its my first acceptance above T3, and one of my top choices)... and yeah feeling pretty good.  anyway i just got home from the rest of my trip and wanted to share my little story with y'all. 

PS now i have to decide between 'nova at full price vs. depaul with 8k/yr.  thanks to taking and undergrad scholarship, i could do depaul without taking on any debt.  i'd have to take on pretty much that 8k a year in debt for nova, maybe even a little less cause philly is cheaper than chicago)... plus i'd rather be in the northeast (the midwest kinda weirds me out, though chicago is an awesome city).  however, i'm liberal. um, and jewish. (and have heard a few unsettling things about villanova, but got a good impression from depaul... i just prefer philly).  anybody have any thoughts?

Acceptances, Denials, and Waitlists / DePaul Accepted Students Program
« on: March 09, 2005, 10:25:02 PM »
...this saturday (3/12).  I'm flying up from nola -- have to use those USAirways frequent flier miles, they'll be worthless pretty soon!  Anyone else going to this?

Unless I get in somewhere above Tier 3, I'll probably be taking the $$$ and going to DePaul, so I figure it's good to go check the place out....

Choosing the Right Law School / new to board / chances?
« on: February 02, 2005, 11:04:58 PM »
whattup everyone, i am new to this board and since yall seem to know what youre talking about, perhaps you can send me opinions on what you think my chances might be this cycle

so far, the only place i've heard back from is DePaul, where i'm in with total $24k in scholarship money  (pretty sweet for my first big envelope, imo)

still waiting to hear from (in no particular order): temple, villanova, cardozo, brooklyn, miami, georgia, florida, loyola (cali), USD, oh and penn state (not that i'd actually live in Carlisle... my days in rural PA are OVER)

graduating this may, Tulane BS Finance, 2.73 GPA  (yeah i know its pretty bad, clearly there are distractions down here in nola, which is the main reason i didnt apply to tulane law).  160 LSAT, president of fraternity, big firm internship in philly, solid personal statement and recs.  basically i feel good about everything except the GPA  (for which i unfortunately have no good explanation)

so what do yall think?

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