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Current Law Students / Holy *&^% I got an F
« on: January 04, 2007, 09:01:41 PM »
there's no way, but it happened.  I received a 1.5 in contracts. 

I was ready for this test and left feeling as though I probably scored around a 2.3-2.5.

this prof is known for doing this, even when school is also known for artificially low grades.

any ideas what to do?  or is this just the end or me?

I have very average LSAT scores.  149 & 152.  (massive test anxiety, practiced consistently in the low 160's, now I'm f'ed)

     low gpa. from UCSB. 2.4 (15 years ago, explained by long history of alchohol and      drug abuse in a conviction addendum, go ahead say what you want.) 

Good personal statement. 

I might take the stupid test again.  Right now I'm applying to Golden Gate, who just changed their policy to average the test scores while they used to take the high one.  Great.  I figured I would also shoot for Santa Clara. Or even Hawaii. 

What I'm hoping to find out here, is information about schools in other parts of the country besides Northern California. At this point, anywhere in the country.  Any help would be greatly appreciated. After all I'm just a mere mortal.   

I hate this. 

   this test has got me by the balls.  I hate it.  I practiced everyday since before Halloween for this stupid thing.  I boosted my scores up to the low 160's (after bombing last June and getting a 149), consistently.  I took at least 15 practice tests. 

     Then on test day I got so nervous, the page just turned into alphabet soup.  Little curvy lines all over the place,  I know I'm supposed to be doing something.......oh yeah I'm in the middle of the LSAT, is the proper time for a total meltdown?? OK,... ready,.... go!!!!  Completly abandoned all question techniques I've learned, lost my cool completely.  Deep down I feel like I don't belong here.  Everyone must be smarter than me.  Perusing this website certainly isn't helping, but I cant' help it.  I must be addicted to LSD 8) 

     I didn't really cool off until the third section. of course the experimental.  I'm wondering what to do.

     Because I have already bombed, and it's on my record, I guess I'll keep my score.  I'm already relagated to local school due to poor GPA.  This SUCKS.  I had hopes of scoring closer to 165, and maybe being able to apply to slightly higher ranked school even with a 149, becasue of the huge gap between the scores.  I AM CAPABLE of a mid 160's score.  But not when I'm freaking out like that.  I'm so pissed, I may just take  it in June for kicks.  When it doens't matter.  I won't tell anyone, study minimally and try and go in not giving a s*#t.  But as a very non-traditional applicant I never know what to think.  GPA 2.4 from UCSB, former drug addict/alchoholic, carpenter/trade worker/waiter/laborer, recent 3.76 GPA at SF City College, mulitple DUI's and other drunken arrests.

    I'm smart enough and diligent enough to succeed in law school;  of this I have no doubt.  But this stupid test could be the BS thing that keeps me out.  I guess at this point it can't really hurt me to take it a third time..... 

    Keep or Cancel??   

Studying for the LSAT / My Test Center Sucks what do I do???
« on: January 29, 2006, 08:08:09 AM »
I went and checked out my test location yesterday.  It's a tiny classroom with those little tear shaped desks that are positioned on the right.  I'm hating it.  First of all the surface is too small to be able to read your test and mark your score sheet at the same time, so I will have to be constantly flipping between the two booklets. 

More importantly....I'm left handed!!!  this test center isn't going to work for me!!  what do I do????

Obviously, I will have to call LSAC, but.. I'm wondering if they will be flexible and let me test somewhere else???  I live in San Francisco so there should be somewhere close by

Anyone have experience with this.Any help would be appreciated.    :-\ :-\

can anyone please help  I've been trying to get this for 2 hours now.  I'm giving up.  this is utter bull

I can't even get the set up. >:(

how the hell are we supposed to do this.

Do you think I could apply as a minority.  Doesn't minority mean less than 50%???  If that's the case, surely a straight white guy would qualify in this town.  Why not???? 

I fear that due to a very poor GPA, that this is where I'll end up.  I heard that they are on probation from the ABA due to poor bar passage rates.  That should make it harder to get in, assuming they will raise entrance standards.  Anyone have info???

     blew it in undergrad 

    I've been studying this crap for too long.  easily 8 months.  I can't get any of these games done in time.  Some of them i can't get done at all.  Are there any people out there who can help.  Please not you 178 freaks.  There's clearly something wrong with you people.  While I respect your test taking abilities, I have yet to run into one of you that is good at explaining things. 

     IE.  The game where they're either playing golf or tennis, which is combo grouping/sequencing.  I've already blown this test once.  Luckily I live in San Francisco, where we have a lovely bridge......

Studying for the LSAT / I Can't Take it Anymore
« on: June 03, 2005, 11:11:17 PM »
     This God damned test is ruining my life.  I used to be a fun guy.  Go out, see movies, go see bands, get laid etc.....Then I decide I want to be a lawyer.  I know in my heart thatit's the right thing.  But this test, which arguably has nothing to do with law school, is standing in my way. I don't want to hear from you people that actually think this test is a fair representation of  law school performance. (for all you people out there who think it's a good measure/predictor, we know that you're the freaks on this message board who happen to have the kind of brain that lets you see this unbelievably convoluded crap and glide your way into the 170's; I CAN'T WAIT to face you in court, where real life experience counts!!!)

    One day it's 163,161,159.......the very next day it's 152,150.  This whole thing blows.  What the hell am I doinG here.......I can't wait till this is over.  I would be willing to bet that law school is day at the beach compared to this *&^%.  Oh and also, I read all these messages from people on here who are "so worried"  because they "only" got a 171.  @#!* YOU!!!!!  I hope you freeze your tiny balls of at georgetown/columbia/harvard.

-----Sorry I needed to vent.  I'm just a wash out with a big dream........

Studying for the LSAT / Law School.....How afraid should I be????
« on: March 02, 2005, 11:44:03 AM »
     As I study for the LSAT and I struggle in a way that I have never before, I keep wondering...  Does my seeming inability to get on the same page as the LSAT authors mean that I'm screwed even if I get into law school? Practice as I do I don't seem to be able to  see their way of thinking.  Especially on the hard questions which just seem to be such a reach in most cases.  If I were looking at jail time, and my lawyer used the reasoning that is employed in the LSAT, I would start doing push ups in my holding cell.
   Everyone keeps telling me that if I think the LSAT is hard, that I better brace myself for law school.  Are they really that comparable? Is this an indication that I'm screwed??  This tests sucks.

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