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I applied to Indiana University - Indianapolis.  The LSAC website says my application was sent, and I got a letter from the school saying that they had received my application and were waiting for the application data to arrive from LSAC.  I'm not actually sure that they received the data, though. 

I'm a little worried since my GPA is a 2.7 and my LSAT is a 163.  I tried out a bunch of different majors in college and didn't study until I settled on criminal justice, whereupon my grades improved and I wound up on the Dean's List my last year.  I've been a teacher for five years.  I just relocated to Indy with my husband, and it's the only law school around.  Relocation is not an option, so I only applied to *one* law school.  I hinted at that in my personal statement.  My combined GPA and LSAT score put me in about the 65th %ile for the school's applicants, which I hope is enough to get me in, but I know with my incredible low GPA it's still tough.   

Anyway, is it okay for applicants to contact the admissions office and bug them a little about their application?  I don't want somebody getting annoyed and and sending me a reject letter just to keep me from calling them again.  However, I want an answer!  Now!  And it better be a yes!  :) 

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