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Job Search / Any Experience with Maynard Cooper?
« on: January 30, 2006, 10:24:22 AM »
Can anyone comment on this firm or the Birmingham area, and possibly give me some ammunition for an interview I have coming up? 


I'm about to put in my acessgroup request for my loan amount request.  This number obviously has to reflect the money I'll spend over the year.  Please tell me if you can think of anything that I'm missing:

-Rent (utilities are included in the place I found, and it's furnished, so that's not an issue either)

-Phone (landline, in case I want dialup internet--I'll be in the boonies, so DSL/cable is not an option.  Plus, it's too expensive to justify when I have wireless at school 3 miles away).

-Cell Phone (this is a fixed expense)

-Food (I went on the high side and estimated about $14 per day.  Again, I'll be in a "rural" setting, but will have access to walmart, so I figure $14/day is more than enough, and I can use the excess money on miscellaneous things).

-Gas/maintenance for my car (car is paid off, so there is no monthly payment)

-Insurance (both medical & for my car)

-Everything else that comes with law school as it appears in the financial aid "Total Cost of Attendance" figure (books, fees, tech fees, tuition, bar fee, etc..)

Am I missing anything here?  I don't have any previous loans from my undergraduate b/c I didn't have to borrow, so I'm not used to figuring out how much I should get in loans.

Any comments would be well received.

Just wondering.  If it is your first choice, then why?

I really like the small classes, beautiful area, and the high rank.  They also offered me about 25% tuition for 3 years, and they're the best ranked school I've gotten into so far.

Right now I work in an office where there is absolutely no challenge.  I come in whenever I want, usually not before 9am, and sit here posting on LSD, reading different websites casually, and handling my day to day business, like paying bills. 

A few weeks ago I bought a Gameboy Advance, and that's keeping me pretty occupied, but I'm definitely ready to move and get my game on in law school.  Is anyone else in this similarly boring, dead-end situation? 


Is anyone doing the Wash & Lee online chat that starts in 15 minutes? (1pm EST). 

Also, anyone going to the Wash & Lee open house this weekend?  I'll be there--I'm flying in Friday night and leaving Sunday night.  We should write something on our name-tags, perhaps like a really small "T-T-T" in the bottom right beside our names :P

I'm just wondering how much you guys know about the availability of loans.  I obviously want the lowest rate I can get, but I don't want to have my dad co-sign.

I ran a credit report on myself (all three bureau's) and it averaged about 720. 

Today I applied to have my current credit card's credit line increased by about 4 times.  Is a 720 high enough to get a very good rate, or should I open another credit line in the next few months to get my score higher?

Hope someone can help.

I'm strongly considering going to Washington & Lee.  Between the scholarship they offered me, my personal savings, and what I project to save from an externship, I'll be $81,420 in debt.  The national average law school graduate debt is $80,000.

Since W&L is ranked among top schools like Emory, Notre Dame, Boston University, etc... and is clearly not "average," should I be really concerned about the debt? 

I'm not biased to any particular region of the country, but my other options are $10k/year at Indiana U (must keep a 2.0), 100% tuition at Baylor (must stay in top 50%), $18k/year at SMU (must keep a 2.0), and $7,500/year at W&L (no requirements). 

I'm waiting on Minnesota, which I expect to get into, but probably won't get any money.  I'm also waiting on Washington U in STL, and will probably get something minimal like $5k/year. 

What do you guys think?  Should I be concerned about the W&L debt?

I got $14,000/year for 163/4.00 ORM. 

Anyone else get this stupid email with a lame topic?

I got $7,500/year with a 4.00/163.

This was uncondtional, no minimum GPA or minimum class rank.

What do you guys think?

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