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This is for everyone who is planning on attending Denver in August. I'll be there, unless Boulder accepts me off there waitlist. Post if you are planning on atteding so everyone can know who will be there in the fall.

Visits, Admit Days, and Open Houses / Visiting Denver and Colorado
« on: December 12, 2006, 04:48:30 PM »
I'm leaving for Denver tomorrow to visit Denver, which I have been accepted to, and Boulder although I have not heard anything from them yet. I am pretty set on going to Denver, and now that they have sent me a pretty mice financial aid package, it is loking even more like I will be there next year.  My initial plan was to meet with their financial aid counselors and ask for some $$$, but now it has turned a bit and I will see if I can get anymore money, especially since Baylor gave me the same package. But anyways, if anyone wants me to take pics of anything in particular or look at something special, just let me know.

See you guys later,

I really want to go to Denver or Boulder for Law School. I still have the belief that it will be greatly different than Downtown LA. I am looking to go somewhere that has forests, clean air, fishing, skiing, laid back people, and is not dramatically overpopulated.  I realize that if I go to either one of these schools, I am almost certain to stay in Colorado to practice.  Does anyone go to Denver, live near there, or have been there? How is it as a city? Clean? How far would away from the downtown city would I have to live if I wanted a secluded house on some land? Where are the preferable places to live while attending the school? Any help is greatly appreciated.


First I want to thank everyone for their help on my personal statement, you guys have helped a lot. After making the changes suggested by many of the members here, I took my PS to a pre-law writing teacher (attended Yale law school and was on the admissions committee for a T10 law school). He looked at it and has helped me a lot as well. I am really, really close to submitting it for apps, but I want to make sure I didn't make any stupid mistakes and it reads ok.  Does anyone wanna take a look for spelling and punctuation errors? I would greatly appreciate it!!!

I am about done with my personal statement and wanted to make sure everything is grammatically correct, and it flows nicely.  After reading about the Essay Queen and how she does a pretty good job on these for relatively cheap, I decided to purchase the gold service. That was about two days ago. Right after I paypaled her the money, I sent her an email with my PS attached. I have yet to hear anything back from her. No purchase confirmation, no confirmation stating she got my PS. For anyone who has used this service, is this normal? Do you ever hear back from her before she is done editing the PS?

I know I want to work in a smaller market, and most definitely want to get out of California. Ideally I want to work in Colorado or Utah after school, but I'm not completely settled on these spots. I have a pretty large list of schools where I want to apply to. Can you tell me if I have them categorized correctly (matches, safeties, and reaches)?
Here are my stats:

Applying straight from undergrad this fall (USC)
LSAT: 162 (June 06)
UGPA: 3.6
Little bit of work experience, nothing spectacular
No extra-curriculars, nothing special
simple white male

1.   University of Colorado
2.   Wake Forest University    
3.   George Mason         
4.   Brigham Young         
5.   Baylor Law School      
6.   University of Georgia         
7.   Emory Law School       
8.   Boston College   
9.   University of Maryland
10.     University of Washington
11.   University of Iowa
12.   Lewis and Clark      
13.   Ohio State      
14.   University of San Diego
15.   Tulane University
16.   University of Utah
17.   University of Denver         
18.   University of Oregon         
19.   University of Houston         
20.   Santa Clara University         
21.   University of Wyoming

I realize if I want to work in Denver my best bets would be Colorado, Denver, and perhaps Iowa (don't they place pretty well in Colorado?). And I just through a couple of California schools just as back-ups in case I change my mind. How does this look? Is my list pretty accurate?

I just finished my first draft and am not too sure if it is how I want to go. I switched ideas at the last minute and am still unsure. Any takers? Help and input will be greatly appreciated.
Send me a PM if you're interested, thanks.

Basically I'm another one of those middle-class white male men who has absolutley nothing special in his life that could possibly be incorporated into a PS, except for maybe one thing. When I was 15 and a sophmore in high school, I bought and restored a 1968 camaro with my father. I was inspired by my father who also had a camaro when he was back in high school. We built the entire car ourselves, and I paid for absolutely everything, working my ass off 40+ hours during the summer and over 20 hours a week during school. We finished the car in just over a year, and I kept receipts of every single thing I bought or put into the car. By the time we finished I had spent over $18,000 which does not include any labor or services. Do you guys think this would be an ok personal statement if I can use it to display my devotion and determination? Any ideas on how I could apply this topic to my personal statement?

Hello everyone. After roaming around on the internet looking for information on law school and law as a career, I found this discussion board.  After only a day, I have already learned a lot. Right now I am a sophmore in community college and will be transferring to a 4-year university in the fall. The plan is to go to law school after this, assuming I have the gpa, LSAT scores, and funds to do so. 
Here is the question - I have became unemployed for the final portion of this last semester so I could concentrate on my grades, but for the semester coming up I am going to have some open days and I would really like to fill this time with a good job or internship/volunteer position hopefully in a legal type atmosphere.  I think this will really good on my resume, and let me see just how hectic this type of work is.  I have already tried my local public defenders office and DA's office, but neither had open positions. So what should I do?  It doesn't seem very professional to just show up on a firms doorstep and ask if they need anyone to file paperwork or other oddjobs.  But if this is what it takes, then I am game.  What has everyone else done? Should I lose the entire internship idea and just go get a job waiting tables?

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