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Acceptances, Denials, and Waitlists / Most unexpected rejection
« on: April 05, 2005, 10:06:16 AM »

I would be the rejection that is way out up and to the right.

Anyone have any bigger anomalies?

Wow.  I'm stunned.  I had really started to lose faith, especially after the Tulane surprise.  Now I have to go find a place to have a drink (it's 9 pm here, so it's not as bad as you think).   ;D

UT was really huge from a family perspective, and makes law school almost a sure thing now for me.  I have no intentions to practice anywhere outside Texas (or Austin, really, if I can make it happen), so this was the big one.

Good luck to everyone still waiting and I honestly hope the best for everyone out there.  :)

(Ellie, do you mind endorsing your scholarship over to me now that you are set on Baylor?)

Sorry, but this confuses me and makes me a tad paranoid about any outstanding apps.  I basically had the same application package at every school.

I have the distinction of having the highest rejection index (by .2) and highest rejected LSAT (by a whopping 9 points) at Tulane.  That's quite the feather in my cap.  I don't think I can buy yield protection for rejections (deferrals, yes, but not rejections).

They took a LONG time to request my LSDAS and then also to reject me. 

Did I accidentally check the Hispanic box?   ;)

They weren't in the picture anymore with the Baylor full ride, and now I almost gotta wonder a little bit if they knew that (it'd be a fair decision on their part, btw).

Any thoughts, comments, pity, "you'll get'em next time slugger"'s are appreciated.

So, I hope no one takes this the wrong way (though I may word it poorly), but it was interesting that I was waitlisted at OU.  Their point is that they have had a huge applicant increase this year and are reducing their class size.  That's fine, and good for them in trying to increase the standing of their school.

But it makes me wonder if they aren't doing something I was wondering if schools do - gauging the real interest of applicants who would seem to be using a school as their "safety."  I know it sounds arrogant about me personally, but I think it actually makes sense for a school.  If they really think a person is unlikely to attend because they are "overqualified", then why not use a waitlist (and the accompanying "let us know if you really want us to still consider you") to try and better determine the applicant's real interest level.  Otherwise, you simply make it harder for the folks really interested and you also jack up your every precious USNWR acceptance rate figure without getting the benefit of the higher scores.  It happens for job applicants all the time.

Anyhow, it could simply be that
  • my app sucked (not getting that feeling so far, but the jury is still out)
  • OU is much more interested in GPA than LSAT (the index does favor GPA)
  • I'm just an overly arrogant jerk (my wife is not allowed to vote on this, btw)
  • they simply hate Texans.  ;)

However, I was wondering if anyone has seen similar actions from other schools and/or their thoughts on the above.

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