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Acceptances, Denials, and Waitlists / NYU (and Michigan WL)
« on: March 14, 2005, 05:05:51 AM »
In at NYU, 9x12 manila envelope, last Friday. Apparently a batch of these went out. No financial aid or scholarship info included.

Also waitlisted at Michigan on Friday via email (along with it seems like 1000 other people). Withdrew application today. This would have bothered me if I hadn't gotten in at the #5 school in the country about an hour beforehand.

I've mostly moved my posting and reading over to xoxo, but I wanted to specifically update those of you that followed my over/under thread last month. so far I'm 3/8, with a waitlist. If we count a waitlist as a ding, I need to get into 2 of HYS,Chicago in order to hit the consensus over/under of 4.5.

If a waitlist is .5, I just need one of them.

Personally, I'd take an exploding offer from any of those four and forget the over/under. I'm sticking with the over, though it now looks bleaker.

Acceptances, Denials, and Waitlists / Northwestern and UVA
« on: February 25, 2005, 10:36:12 AM »
In at NU and UVA - UVA by phone on Tuesday, letter today. NU by email today.

Anyone in at either know when fin. aid info is usually sent?

2/2 so far...SWEET...

Choosing the Right Law School / LRAP policies at T14 schools - any info?
« on: February 04, 2005, 06:36:12 AM »
Does anyone have hard numbers for the LRAP (loan repayment assistance programs) at the T14 schools, or a good source?

Some info was posted recently on xoxo listing a few schools and the loan amounts that you would be expected to pay at given salary levels. There was surprising variance. I've looked on the schools' websites, and there isn't a lot of hard data - just a lot of fluff about the program. Harvard is an exception, but there's still not a whole lot.

This is a big factor in my decision-making process since there's a very good chance that I will be in a lot of debt and working for the government.

I've heard the Montauk book has some of this info - anyone have the book and willing to enter some of the data, or at least confirm that it's there?

PS - complete at UVA - wish me luck!

I don't understand the process of sending paper LSDAS reports to schools. It looks like reports are submitted electronically as soon as possible after the report or updated report was available. Apparently, a paper report is then generated and mailed to the school. Most schools won't consider the report until they get the paper copy. Now initially, I figured that LSAC would send a paper copy to each school in an envelope, and they would get it around a week after that.

Having thought about the process and researched it a little more, I think what actually goes on is that LSAC bundles the reports - it would make no sense to mail out each one individually when you are sending thousands of reports to the same address. Since they are bundled, there must be some schedule for how they are mailed out. Do they wait for a certain number of reports? Do they send them out on certain days of the month? Are those days the same, or different from each school?

I remember reading somewhere that the delivery preferences for each school are listed on the LOR screen of LSDAS when you select that school to receive a recommendation. Here is the text I found there for UVA (the same text is there for all the other schools I checked):

"Three letters of recommendation recommended and up to three letters accepted.

This law school accepts letters of recommendation when the initial law school report is sent.
Once the initial law school report has been sent, this law school will accept additional LORs when there is new activity such as transcript or score updates.
In addition, this law school accepts updated law school reports with recently received letters of recommendation twice per month. These updates are generated on the 1st and/or 15th of every month.

Does this mean that reports are only sent out on the 1st and the 15th? That's what it sounds like, but that doesn't make sense based on what I've seen with my UVA app.

I sent in my UVA application on 1/13. My LORs both arrived at LSAC over the next week, so, unlike all my other apps which went out later, LSAC created 3 reports - an inital report on 1/19, the first LOR on 1/21, and the last one on 1/25. These are the report dates from the report page.

Yesterday, I got an email that my app status for UVA had been updated - I checked and both my LSDAS report and my first LOR had been received. The second had not been, so my app was not complete. Since yesterday was the 1st, that seems to indicate that at least some of the LSDAS reports went to UVA, scheduled as their text on the LOR page implies. I don't know how they got from LSAC in PA to Charlottesville in the same day, but the text may mean that they GET the reports on or around the 1st, not that they are sent then.

But my 2nd LOR was in well before the 1st, yet did not seem to get sent out. I see three possibilities for why:

1) UVA did get a huge pack of LSDAS reports yesterday, and it takes them some time to enter them. My 2nd LOR might be at the bottom of the stack and not entered yet.

2) The cutoff date for inclusion in the Feb. 1 batch sent to UVA might fall sometime between 1/21 (1st LOR received) and 1/25 (2nd LOR), meaning that UVA will not get the 2nd one and my app will not be complete until at least 2/15, when the next batch arrives from LSAC. This is what I am afraid of...

3) LSDAS reports are sent more often than twice a month - the text on the LOR page doesn't apply to reports, or means something other than how I am reading it. My 2nd LOR will get to UVA a few days later than my other one, since it was submitted later.

Does anyone know which, if any of the above is correct?

Law School Admissions / Legacy recommendation
« on: January 28, 2005, 10:18:44 AM »
My grandfather (still alive and practicing) is an alum of one of the schools I'm applying to.

First, would schools consider this at all similar to a legacy connection through a parent?

Second, should I have him write an extra LOR (In addition to the two I have submitted already)? I would assume the letter would talk about how he considers this school a particularly good fit, etc.

Third, should I just call the admissions office and ask them this stuff?

Law School Admissions / Chicago viewbook?
« on: January 28, 2005, 08:56:46 AM »
Is it just me, or is the UChicago website the crappiest ever? I'm trying to find out how to order or download a viewbook, but I can't find the link anywhere. It could be that its right there and I don't realize that its a link (common problem with their site design), or that its hidden on some obscure or unlinked page (another problem), or that the link is broken/links to a blank page (another problem).

I know it exists because I got an email from the admissions office with the following:

  You may request a copy of our current viewbook/application at the following web
   page:  Click on the
   link, Request an Application.

There is no such link at that page, though.

Law School Admissions / UChicago: Interviews/optional essays?
« on: January 27, 2005, 01:06:31 PM »
Reading the comments on Vault, it seems like a lot of Chicago applicants are asked to complete an optional essay or come in for an interview. I haven't seen anyone that applied this year mention either, though. Has anyone that has applied heard about these this year?

I can't imagine that they would all of the sudden stop doing this, but its possible either that I just have missed people mention this, or, more likely, that they ask for extra materials only later in the process, once they get past the presumptive admits/denys.

Of course, more than a year after I pass their exam and RIGHT after I get all my law school apps in, the State Department calls me and wants to talk about being a Foreign Service Officer. I haven't heard anything from them in more that 9 months. Holy crap do I hate working for the government. (Though I oddly find it attractive, still, to be an attorney for them).

Sorry, bizzatches. Too late. I'll call you if I go 0/8.

Law School Admissions / Over/under on admits?
« on: January 21, 2005, 10:26:46 AM »
I'm trying to make some hedge bets with my friends on how many schools I'll get into. I know that makes me a loser, and a dork, but this hasn't been news to me for 10 years, so I'm over it.

Any help setting the "Vegas" over/under for the number of schools by you experts would be appreciated. The schools I applied to are in my sig.

I have my own prediction, but I don't want to prejudice your opinion.

I also have a case of beer here for each school that I plan on consuming for each rejection. If anyone in the DC area wants to help, it would be much appreciated.  8)

Law School Admissions / Northwestern LSDAS request
« on: January 21, 2005, 10:22:57 AM »
Holy crap - Northwestern just insta-requested my LSDAS report. After submitting the app, I clicked the link to go back to my reports page and their report had ALREADY been listed. Must be automated or something.

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