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Found this article on Lawyer job satisfaction...

"Predictably, attorneys in large private firms report the highest average annual income ($79,140 five years out; $184,300 15 years out), while attorneys in public interest report the lowest average annual income ($35,120 at five years; $50,620 at 15 years). But perhaps less predictably, the high-earning practitioners in large private practices report the lowest average job satisfaction while the lower-earning types of practice all report higher average job satisfaction..."

My problem is I can't afford with private loans to be on the bottom scale--so it looks like I'll have to hate life. Thoughts?

Anyone have this test? If so, would you be willing to sell it and/or share it?

It might be too late for any of that talk... but does anyone know what kind of score the lenders require for loans? I'm looking at Sallie Mae LAWLOANS. I will probably be attending in the Spring so I have a few months to try to pay off debt and get my score up. I also might not be able to find a co-signer due to the fact my family and friends are lazy a$$ b1tches.


Choosing the Right Law School / Case is done.
« on: May 23, 2005, 01:25:47 PM »
I've been told they're done processing the hold apps. Everyone that still hasn't heard will hear probably this week. Good news is delivered by phone.

Okay here's the basic problem. I haven't heard back from my final two schools yet (why not state them--Case and FSU) but I am below median in both LSAT and GPA so I'm not confident. I need to decide if I want to reapply to Stetson (local) for the spring--with my numbers and a LOR I can probably get in fine OR wait until next October, retake the LSAT, and try again at FSU.

My take: FSU is 20K a year cheaper, a better school, and I want to get out of the area. I'd really like to go there and it distresses me that they seem to be taking a lot of people with an LSAT of 156+ and not too many below that (mine: 154). That's beside the point though. Money is a factor, and of course placement after is a factor.

The only thing that concerns me is waiting another year to start and there's no guarantee that I'll be taken the next round. I'm in my mid-late 20s, I am not in the legal field (I'm in the IT field--I'm good at it, and I hate it) so I'm not gaining experience, and I'm anxious to start my legal career. I should mention that I have a Criminal Justice + International Studies degree, so I am not an "engineer" as most people would think of one--though it's in my title.

So I'm leaning towards waiting a year. I'm probably writing this just to hear you guys tell me that this is what I should do... But I'm open to all comments--you can even bash me if you want! :)

I called the office today (still on hold) and I got the "you should hear within a week" response.

Good luck to anyone else out there who's still on hold... It might be that I am the only one. At least it feels like it.

I'm still PENDING at two schools. I think this late in the game that's fairly ridiculous. Anyone else with me?

Edit: I should probably say my two schools are Case and FSU.

General Off-Topic Board / what ya drink'n?
« on: May 14, 2005, 09:14:08 PM »
rum + coke... I'm still pending at my top school. Here's to the next two weeks!

When I emailed them a while back they said that they "hope" to get to "most" applicants by late April or early May. Well, here we are!

Has anyone recieved a rejection or acceptance recently? Know anything?

Well the subject pretty much says it all... I really need and want to go to this school. I've been complete there for 2-3 weeks and honestly I have no idea if they're even still looking at my application...

My question is would it HURT to send an email to admissions. Not an official addendum or anything of course, but just a little something extra that might set me apart?

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