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For those who live near Chapman and/or those who are attending or went to Chapman, I am starting to look into different places to live around the school. I would greatly appreciate your opinions. I am relatively new to Orange County and am not too familiar with all the areas near Chapman. I have lived in SD and LA for a while, and haven't spent much time in Orange County.

What areas/condos/apartments do you think are the nicest in the area? I hear that many places are old. Location is important to me (i.e. nothing too far and less traffic going to school than other areas) and clearly, the area (i.e. I rather live in a nicer area, with newer buildings). What areas would you recommend?

Again, I would really appreciate your suggestions!


How's it going everyone?

I'm beginning to narrow my available choices to Chapman and California Western. I am still waiting to hear from several schools but would like to compare these two in the meantime. What are your thoughts on each school? Where would you go if you had the choice?

I recently paid visits to both schools and have learned about their programs, background, etc. I did find Chapman law, the school itself, to be more modern since it is relatively new compared to Cal Western. I liked the feel of the school; nonetheless, did not really appreciate the surrounding area. Too much of suburbia for me. :) As for Cal Western, I liked the feel of the school and the idea of being downtown.

Would like to hear your thoughts if you have time on pros and cons of the two schools. I would greatly appreciate it!

For the members who live in or nearby Orange, California, where Chapman School of Law is located, what are your general thoughts of the city? Old, new? Is it a nice place to be? How would you describe the area?

I'm debating between Orange and San Diego - I've lived in San Diego and enjoy the lifestyle (beaches, etc.). How would you compare the two?

Would really appreciate your views! Thanks!

How's it going everyone?

Just wanted to hear from those who received scholarships from Chapman - did you receive your scholarship offer with your acceptance letter or did it arrive separately? Time frames?

General Off-Topic Board / Ask me anything about dragons. . .
« on: December 15, 2004, 10:54:36 AM »
i don't like to brag much, but when i do, it's awesome.

i'm pretty much the world's foremost expert on dragons and draconian creatures.

so if you have any questions about them, go ahead, test my knowledge.

Visits, Admit Days, and Open Houses / University of Hawaii School of Law
« on: December 13, 2004, 12:03:49 PM »
I was just curious to know if there are forum members on here that have some info on U of H Law. Present or past students? I applied just because I lived in Hawaii a couple years, had a lot of fun, and as a safety school. Highly unlikely I will be heading there, but would like to hear any reviews on the school.

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