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Law School Admissions / Undergraduate Degree
« on: November 19, 2003, 11:53:17 AM »
Currently I am in my second year of college at a third-tier school in Ohio (first year as a traditional student, I was technically in high school last year but was going to the University of Akron full-time instead). I'm currently working through a program called the PPE which is pretty much a triple major: Political Science, Philosophy, and Economics. Believe me, itís not as hard as it sounds.

Right now, I am thinking about getting my masters in Economics before going to law school.  How do law schools look at the advanced degree? I figure they probably wonít frown on it, as long as I do well (which shouldnít be a problem).

Also, I didnít see a real necessity in taking the LSAT practice courses that are available. I figure Iíll probably go through a couple of the sample tests, but I wouldnít take the practice courses. Iíve always done extremely well on standardized tests (1530 on SAT, 35 on the ACT), but Iíve been told that the LSAT isnít at all similar to the SAT or the ACT. Is that true? Should I take one of the practice courses or will the sample tests be fine?

As for law schools, I have an aunt who is regularly on the admissions committee for the Case Western Reserveís law school, but her last name is different from mine. I do understand the Ďinterestingí situation in which that could put me, but I was planning to use Case as my safety school. Bad idea? Good idea? Donít-even-consider-it idea?


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