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Canadian Law Students / U of T vs. Harvard
« on: February 27, 2005, 08:41:36 AM »
I broached this topic on another board and got some great advice, but I want to hear from Canadian students who have actually heard of U of T.  I live in Toronto so going to U of T would literally mean having absolutely no debt coming out of law school.  Going to Harvard would mean astronomical debt, but then I'd have a law degree from Harvard.  Anyone else in a similar predicament?  The thing is, I'm not sure what I want to do after law school, but I have a feeling it isn't going particularly high-paying (ie. public interest).  So U of T makes the most sense.  But then, from what I've heard, having a degree from Harvard could open a lot of doors that a degree from U of T couldnt'...

Choosing the Right Law School / Is Harvard worth it???
« on: February 26, 2005, 09:08:42 AM »
Yesterday I got my acceptance package from Harvard law school.  I'm Canadian and I also got accepted to the University of Toronto, which is a really good school and about a quarter as expensive.  If I accept at Harvard, I will have to finance law school almost entirely through loans, and will be really in debt by the time I graduate.  Plus, I don't think I'm interested in working in a high-paying, Wall Street-type job.  I'm more interested in typically low-paying public interest or academic work.  But people I talk to keep saying that I have to go to Harvard because of all the "opportunties" it'll provide me--that I can do "anything" after graduating from there.  So, my question is this: Is it worth it to pick Harvard over another really good school, even if it means racking up enormous debt?  Is a Harvard degree really that much more impressive to employers than another degree?  Any advice would be appreciated.  Thanks!

Studying for the LSAT / It's over...and I can't stop thinking about it
« on: December 04, 2004, 03:01:04 PM »
So basically I feel like I'm the opposite of everyone on this board, in that I literally breezed through all the LR and RC sections, even the first LR, with like 8 mins to spare.  After 2 LRs and 1 RC before the break, I was on top of the world...
Then came the devil games.  I'm just not a games person, but I was doing ok in practice, usually getting through 3 1/2 and only getting 3-4 wrong.  But for some reason, I just freaked.  Like, my mind actually went numb.  And instead of rationally plodding away and deducting and "keeping my pencil moving" (thanks Princton Review) and such, I just fell apart.  It was like I lost the ability to make deductions.  I went halfway through the fourth section, freaking out because I couldn't get any of the answers, before realizing that I'd totally neglected to incorporate the fact that each country had to export exactly 2 kinds of fruit or whatever.  Anyway, I finished all the questions, but I feel like I really could have screwed things up.  In practice, I was consistently scoring 168-170s, but I might have really blown this.  Doesn't make things any better that the only school I want to go to calls for 95th percentile and above for LSAT scores.  So... who knows?  How does everyone else feel about the games?  Can anyone remember any specific questions and answers?

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