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Law School Admissions / Transcripts sent without transcript request form?
« on: December 15, 2004, 06:28:06 PM »
Stupid question but does the transcript request form have to be sent with your transcript from the school?  My transcript request forms havent been showing up (no, not a problem with my computer, tried from numerous computers at numerous places) so I went to and nowhere on their did it say I had to submit the LSAC transcript request form so I figured I was good and just had transcripts sent  >:( .  Well I get on tonight and I can finally see my forms and it says on the form itself that it must accompany the transcript >:( .  Anyone sent transcripts without this form?  It's too late today to call LSAC tonight but I paid extra for all of my transcripts to be sent rush and two have same day service (I have 4, 1 during high school, 1 for my freshman year of college, 1 for the rest, and 1 cc part time to pick up classes that were full).  For charging so much LSAC sure seems to have its head up its...  >:(



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