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okay, I just got into Vnova, and have made the final decision that I want to go there. 
I am having trouble finding housing close to the law school. Apperently there is no apartments in villanova, pa.  I do not and will not own a car, so I need either an apartment within walking distance or one close enough to the a train/bus that is runnning frequently.
Can someone tell me if any of these sourounding areas  are within walking distance. 
Can someone tell me if they know of any apartment complexes that are within walking distance??????  Do the trains from places like Bryn mawr and devon run frequently? and how long do they take? and how much does a yearly pass ost.  thanks in advance.

Okay, so I called Vnova in Mid Feb to make sure My electronic appliaction and the check/signature I sent in the mail arrived.  They told me it did.  I want to send an email or call again- but I don't know what to say.  Since they already told me my application is complete, is it considered overdoing it to call again and ask about when I will be hearing back from them?  If you think it is a good idea to inquire,  how should I word it?

Can I still sit for the Bar exam in PA??????

Listen, I know, Its not good to go to a school thats not accredited. But I was offered a full scholarship today. And I don't really care about prestige, I don't have any real desire to work in "big law".  I am more interested in public interest law or being working for the government.  Does anyone know if sitting for the bar in PA requires ABA accredition? And will going to drexel make it hard for me to find a job in the field i am looking for? Thanks.

Visits, Admit Days, and Open Houses / Hofstra vs. Buffalo.
« on: March 17, 2006, 05:27:33 PM »
Hey all.  These are the only 2 schools I have been accepted to so far. No scholarship info from either yet.   I would like to hear everyone's opinions on which you would attend.

A few things I have considered. Buffalo is much cheaper, but according to, Buffalo grads make alot less then Hofstra grads after graduation.(even when factoring for cost of living, which I did on my own) 

Hofstra is closer to home, and I would'nt mind living on Long Island after graduation cause it is much closer the lehigh valley/philly then Buffalo. I would'nt really want to live in buffalo after graduation. 

Weather. -advantage Hofstra.

Buffalo grads, despite coming in with lower LSAT scores then Hofstra grads, have a 10 percent higher bar passage rate.

from what I have heard the buffalo area seems nicer, but I have never visited either city(I will probably visit hofstra, Buffalo is a bit too far for me to reach)

Both schools seem to have the areas of specilization i am intersted in, but I am more impressed with the clinics/externship oppurtunities in buffalo.

Anything else I should be considering? thanx in advance.

How are these numbers collected?  TO the best of my knowldege, It does'nt seem that lsac keeps track of this stat. If the schools self report this data to usnews, then this is pretty useless info then, is'nt it?  If usnews actually did the surveys themselves then it would probably be more accurate, but somehow i doubt that is the case.

Law School Admissions / How to respond to waitlist offer?
« on: February 22, 2006, 04:07:45 PM »
I have been given a "offer" to remain on a wailtlist. Is it okay to respond that I want to remain on it via email, or should I send an actual letter? thanks in advance.

Here is my Dillema.  I have been invited to an info session at St. John's law on the 24th, they asked me to rsvp. I would have to take off a day from work to go, and the trip would cost me around 50 dollars at least to travel by bus from where i live to NYC then to the St.  John's campus and back. But they have not yet told me if I am accepted yet.  Would it be out of line to ask them if possible to let me know if I am accepted or not by the 24? If I don't go to the info session, will they assume Im not that interested in going to there law school? advice, please. 

alright, most of the schools i applied to got a paper copy of my application on the 5th or 6th. When can i realilistically expect to hear from them by? 
If it helps, The schools are pitt/vnova/psu/hofstra/st. john's....

Then it lists a date. What does that mean?

Choosing the Right Law School / Question about applying for financial Aid
« on: January 04, 2006, 11:09:54 AM »
Alright,  I heard the deadline for financial aid is like march 1st. But if you do not know what school you are going to before then, how do you apply for financial aid? someone please help. thanks.

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