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Law School Admissions / Girlfriend/Boyfriend should be an EC.
« on: February 09, 2005, 09:40:36 AM »
Seriously. Too bad it isn't seen as one. 20+ hrs a week, for over 2 years, while in college? Come on; if having a long-term SO doesn't indicate that you are dedicated, hard-working, and able to work with other people, I don't know what does.

So, who wants to join the "I have a SO club"? There are still executive positions available--which would look GREAT on your law school application, by the way  :)

I have seen a disproportionate amount of Penn deferrals on LSN for 172+/3.75+ applicants who have already gotten into Y/H/S.  What is the deal with this? Is Penn trying to boost their numbers? It seems so odd to see several extremely strong applicants on LSN with 8-10 T1 acceptances and then a Penn deferral.

Studying for the LSAT / 165 on first prep test
« on: December 27, 2004, 06:38:03 PM »
I looked through the LGB and the LRB a little before it, but not much other than introductory chapters...

With a 165 on the first prep, what kind of score should I shoot for? (I'm not taking the test until June). Is a 10 point increase--or even higher--reasonable?

Choosing the Right Law School / Harvard a UG prestige whore?
« on: December 26, 2004, 09:09:15 PM »
I've been looking at the data on LSN, and virtually every admit to HLS has been from a top 20 school.  This doesn't seem to be the case for other schools with comparable law school rankings.  Does anyone know if Harvard puts considerable weight on where you went to undergrad?  I go to a small liberal arts college that is not very highly ranked; will this put me at a distinct disadvantage at Harvard or any other top law schools, even if all my numbers are within or above their 25-75 percentile ranges?  Does an undergrad bias really exist?

Studying for the LSAT / LR Question
« on: December 25, 2004, 08:06:00 PM »
I'm having difficulty with a question from Prep Test 30, Section 2...if you guys could tell me what you think the answer is and why, that'd be great because I cannot figure it out why the answer is what it is.

"Scientist: Some critics of public funding for this research project have maintained that only if it can be indicated how the public will benefit from the project is continued public funding for it justified.  If the critics were right about this, then there would not be the tremendous public support for the project that even its critics acknowledge"

If the scientist's claims are true, which one of the following must also be true?

A) The benefits derived from the research project are irrelevant to whether or not its funding is justified.

B) Continued public funding for the research project is justified.

C) Public support for the research project is the surest indication of whether or not it is justified.

D) There is tremendous public support for the research project because it can be indicated how the public will benefit from the project.

E) That a public benefit can be indidcated is not a requirement for the justification of the research project's continued public funding.

Choosing the Right Law School / Where should I go next ... ?
« on: December 15, 2004, 07:51:59 PM »
Like many others, I found this board way before I should have (I'm a junior).  Now I'm what you could call...a little bit addicted to it.  I plan on going to law school, but I'm not sure when--either right after I graduate, or after taking a year off.  Taking a year off seems very appealing to me, but at the moment I'm not quite sure what to do with it.  I'd love to travel to some other country for some humanitarian-aid type stuff, but I'm not sure just yet.  What do you guys think?  Those out there who did take a year (or several  ;) ) off before starting law school, would you recommend it?  What did you do during your time off? 

oh yeah... and if I take a year off, should I still get prof. recommendations next year (my senior year)? They will still be valid then, right? 


Studying for the LSAT / pointless semantics question
« on: December 14, 2004, 11:22:17 AM »
I've noticed here and on other law boards a usage of the phrase "write the test."  I had never heard this phrase before I read it on these law discussion boards; I usually just take tests, not write them.  Is anyone else unfamilar with this phrase, or am I just an idiot, or both?  :)

Studying for the LSAT / Accurately simulating the LSAT
« on: December 02, 2004, 11:25:05 AM »
I'll be gearing up for the June '05 Test soon, and I've noticed that all the preptests contain only the 4 scored sections, as opposed to the five (4 scored + 1 experimental) on the real test.  It seems to me that practicing with only four sections will not accurately recreate the mental stamina required for the LSAT.  I think that my stamina will be one of my biggest issues with the test--should I throw in an additional section somewhere when i practice, or are my concerns unfounded?

Studying for the LSAT / In need of preptests
« on: November 30, 2004, 04:36:52 PM »
Computer crashed, along with my archive of preptests...

Looking for ANY prep tests from 19-43, with answer keys/scale if possible

Willing to trade... I have LR bible, LG bible, LR Odyssey, Oct 2004 prep test...

anyone that would like to help me out can email me at :

Choosing the Right Law School / Why Law School?
« on: November 27, 2004, 03:41:38 PM »
With so many ambitious and intelligent people on this board, I'm curious to know everyone's motivations/reasons for going to law school.  Personally, I'm interested in the field of international law and human rights (although i've heard altruism fades in law school  :-\ ).  What are your motivations? Pre-laws and law students alike please feel free to respond!

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