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If it doesn't feel good to read it after two weeks, do yourself and the world a favor and don't go to law school. No matter what schools you got into. No matter how little else you have to do with your life. Just say no.

for the life of me, I cannot remember which schools are in the t3 vs which schools are t4. I know the famous t4s such as cooley, regent and pontifical univerisity of puerto rico. I can remember some of the t2 schools as being in the t2 and not lower. but there are so many schools most just fall into a large mass I remember being more or less as not tier 1. (really more like not top 30ish; i cant even remember the whole tier 1, where i'm applying)

is this because I have a bad memory or are there really too many law schools to keep all the tiers straight??

General Off-Topic Board / hola from uruguay
« on: January 06, 2005, 06:01:38 PM »
hey, i am sitting in an internet cafe in uruguay right now and i thought it would be kind of cool to send a little digital postcard to the lsd community. you should come to uruguay as the weather is nice and stuff is cheap here. i just had a meal with drinks and dessert with my gf at a really nice restaurant and it only set us back around 12 usd total, including tip. its summer here so its about 80-85 everyday and sunny. im going to the beach tomorrow.  :P

before this i was in buenos aires for 10 days; buenos aires is super fun. you should go there also. the bars/clubs are great and a drink is never more than 3-4 usd. but the best part are the wo-mans as an argentine man pointed out to me. they are quite attractive. also, wearing a bra seems to be highly optional; thongs and semi-transparent skirts are required kit.

i highly recommend some kind of trip if you can manage it to take your mind off the applications.

well, ive spent about 3 uruguayan pesos since writing this so i think ill cut it off. oh well, whats twelve cents between friends?

General Off-Topic Board / AC/DC = best rock ever
« on: December 26, 2004, 09:30:29 AM »
AC/DC are the KINGS of rock. It is not possible to rock any harder. They perfectly reflect my life aesthetic: sex, drugs and rock n'roll (in reverse order of importance). Anyone who treats partying as an extreme sport has my undying respect and admiration.

Bill Haley set off riots in Germany when he toured there after releasing "Rock Around the Clock". How f-ing awesome is that? From the very beginning, it was all about partying and living it up as much as possible. In this sense, AC/DC is the best hard rock band ever. They never betray their roots with sappy ballads or sentimental appeals or self-important, indulgent whining or vain displays of technical skill. @#!* that *&^%.  You heard me. @#!* it!!! :P

Even if you like Radiohead or DMB who would you rather party with, them or a band like AC/DC? The only possible challenger would be a coked-up George Clinton,  IMO.

You have heard the good news. Now go out and tell the world!

Law School Admissions / Mounting negative intangibles
« on: December 14, 2004, 08:46:30 PM »
I already had a serious negative in my app: 6 W's. Then I closely read some of the criminal questions for my apps and I think for some I will have to disclose my 3 (minor)traffic tickets. Now I find out that the single alcohol infraction I had in university housing needs to be reported to all the law schools I'm applying to.

I'm getting the distinct impression that my app is not nearly as good as my numbers. I already have below avg EC, no WE, avg PS and avg LORs. I wonder if I am going to get dinged at all of my targets. (nyu, penn, chicago, michigan)

Me: 173, 3.64 (with a major where the avg gpa is a 2.64)

What do you guys think? I was hoping to get into 3 of those 4 schools, especially when absy gave me an 84% shot at NYU based on numbers alone. Should I scale back my expectations?

Law School Admissions / One extra should I use it?
« on: December 11, 2004, 12:04:50 AM »
Numbers: 173, 3.64, non-URM (I'm whiter than tricky male private part)
Already applying to: Columbia, Chicago, NYU, Penn, Harvard, Michigan, Boalt, Georgetown, Wisconsin

I don't care too much about the application fee for the last app. I don't want to write any more essays. (I'm already applying to michigan and not doing their "optional" essays)

It would be nice to add a quality school that I would have a shot at some scholarships at. I'm also thinking about applying to another 10-20 school like Minnesota, Texas, Cornell or UCLA. Don't feel I need another safety (Wisconsin). Yale and stanford probably are a waste of money for me. So I'm looking for another target or a school where I've got a shot at some scholarships.

Law School Admissions / LSAC Nightmare
« on: December 05, 2004, 01:06:00 AM »
I've heard everyone complain about LSAC for one reason or another but I think that I have the worst complaint yet.

So it's like this:

LSAC: You attended school X so you must have a transcript from school X sent in.
Me: I never attended that school. I never paid tuition or fees, never registered for classes, never took classes and never got credits. I have never even been in any of X's buildings.
LSAC: You must have a transcript from X that says you transferred.
Me: Are you deaf?
LSAC: We have evidence that you attended X.
Me: What evidence?
LSAC: We can't tell you.
Me: I never attended this school. The records that you say you have indicate that I was simultaneously attending school X and school Y in cities 100 miles apart. Surely something must be in error?
LSAC: You must have a transcript from X to prove that you never attended X.
Me: How is this possible?
LSAC: Contact X.
X: We have no record of you ever attending X; we can't give you a transcript.
Me, to LSAC: Would LSAC accept a letter from X saying I never attended X?
LSAC: Only transcripts are acceptable for completing the LSDAS report.

Any suggestions? Or is it impossible for me to go to law school now? I would normally think that this was really funny, because it's so unbelievably bad. However, I can't seem to muster a sense of humor.

Law School Admissions / Grade inflation question
« on: December 03, 2004, 02:45:29 PM »
LSAC tells me that the college mean GPA at my school is a pathetic 3.27. (avg. LSAT: 156) Is it worth noting somewhere that 40-45% of my credit hours have been in a major (math) where the avg. gpa is a 2.6? Or will admissions committees assume that my major is harder than some of the others at my school and cut me some slack?

Choosing the Right Law School / Random Info about UWisconsin and Madison
« on: November 17, 2004, 02:45:26 PM »
A couple of people have asked me about madison/University of Wisconsin/UW law since I am a UG there. I don't know a lot about the law school except what anyone can find out online, but if anyone wants to email me questions, I have a friend who is a 2L who I can ask. Most of what follows is just general information about Madison, the city and the university as a whole. Probably more than you ever wanted to know but I hope it helps those who asked get a feel for the place.

Can you tell me a little about University of Wisconsin and Madison if possible. I am interested in the law school and would love to get info. on the school. I heard its a pretty nice place.

Yea, it's a great town to live in; definitely not boring, as some other midwestern university towns are (Urbana, I'm looking at you). The madison area has about 200,000 people, which isn't huge but it's not tiny either. But the real reason that it's not boring is that the city and especially the downtown/campus area is chock full of undergrads, grad students and young professionals. My friends once did an actual count of the number of bars within a few blocks of the law school; I don't remember the actual number but it's around 25 (within 3 blocks). And there are plenty more further away...the bars range from complete yuppie paradise to Blatz drinkin' dives to undergrad meat markets. So if bars are your thing, madison's got you covered. And it should be noted that UW-Madison is only place I've ever been where the two campus area movie theaters and the student union both sell beer. Until recently, the union used to sell a 40oz cup of beer :)

There's a lot of other stuff going on as well; the university community is large >40,000 so there are a ton of student groups/organizations. Madison has one of the highest number of restaurants per capita in the US, and there are as many restaurants in the area near the law school as there are bars.  The city is a very liberal place, and it's often compared to berkeley in this regard. Kerry drew 80,000 people to a rally here. College Dems outnumber college republicans by 15-1 if not more. Madison is the capital of wisconsin, so a lot of people who live here work for the state if they arent associated with the university. It's a pretty white-collar type of place. The city itself is located on an isthmus and you won't live more than a 10 minute walk from a lake. It's generally regarded as a pretty city.

There are a number of various rankings of "The best places to live in America" and madison is usually ranked very highly. It won the top place a couple of times. Students tend to stick around the city during breaks and when they graduate and it's quite common for UG students to take 5 years to graduate because they like living here...hmm what else might be interesting. There is a sizable number of people here from the northeast and atlantic states but number people from the west coast, rockies and the south is pretty small in my perception of things. There are enough people from the northeast and atlantic states that there is an "expatriate" community of sorts of them. UW also has one of the largest populations of foreign students in the country.

Wisconsin is a huge research school; last year it recieved more federal research dollars than any univesity besides Johns Hopkins. It's especially big in the social sciences like psych and sociology and various kinds of biology (genetics, stem cell research, primate research). There are like 28 or 30 kinds of biology majors here. Anyway I think that this emphasis has some kind of an effect on the law school; I understand that the intersection of social sciences and law is a subject of continuing interest here at the law school. Also, one is automatically admitted to the bar in Wisconsin with a jd from UW.

Two places you should visit besides the law school if you visit Madison: 1) Memorial Union, about 1 block away from the law school. If you come when the weather is nice, be sure to walk through the union to get to the lakeside terrace. The ice cream is very tasty (made from UW-madison's own cows) but contains gelatin. 2)State St, also about a block away. State St is a 6 block pedestrian mall that has a lot of shops, restaurants and bars that make up the core of the campus area social scene. There are over 30 bars on state st.  (tastier gelatin-free ice cream can be found a few blocks down state st, at the Chocolate Shoppe, with the cow spotted-sign) There are other places to go, but these are the places that are a must to get a good feel for what the university and the city are like.

If anybody wants to know more, or wants me to find something out for them about the University of Wisconsin and or madison, PM me or send me an email.

Law School Admissions / Adversity App
« on: November 15, 2004, 10:44:54 AM »
Do you guys think injuries related to recreational viagra use could be sited as adversity? I mean, I was just a kid and I never knew that erections lasting longer than 6 hours required immediate medical attention. My penis is permanently in the upright and locked position and people always are staring and making jokes about hanging their coats etc. Plus it's hard to find comfortable pants.

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