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Current Law Students / Help! How Do You Address Your Law Professor In Email?
« on: September 14, 2005, 01:43:54 PM »
I am having an email conversation with a law professor I haven't personally interacted with and don't know if I should write "Dear Professor Lastname" every time or "Hi Dr. Lastname"--is it appropriate to call law professors "doctor"?

My professor signs emails firstname lastname like a normal person, but in class we are all Mr. This and Ms. That. I am not sure what to do, and don't trust my instincts since I did undergrad on a firstname basis with everyone.

Help?! What do you all do when emailing back and forth (I am setting up conference panel & inquiring about joint degree stuff, not arranging to do work for him).

I hate my Contracts book! It leads me into blind alleys and then says, "Whoops, blind alley. Fooled you!" I despise this pedagogical method (it is in stark contrast to all my other textbooks) and  I strongly desire a resource that can help me understand the contorted logic behind the use of these cases.

Can someone recommend really good resources for understanding Contracts doctrines?

Can someone else using the Kraus and Scott book Contract Law and Theory, which, thank god for all of the rest of you, is rarely used, recommend keyed guides with case briefs that have helped? I am not optimistic here because it is not a common book and there may be no keyed study guides.

Thanks for help!

Incoming 1Ls / Anyone else having law school nightmares?
« on: June 21, 2005, 07:55:23 AM »
I just dreamed it was the second week of classes, my laptop had been stolen, and I'd apparently missed orientation and every class but one!

Isn't it early for law school anxiety dreams???

Incoming 1Ls / What keyboards are best for protecting wrists?
« on: June 10, 2005, 10:09:32 AM »
I need help finding a keyboard for home that will minimize the wrist strain effects of typing all the time at school.

  • Mac layout
  • Touchpad or some sort of on-keyboard ergonomic mousing
  • Split keyboard "wave" design is preferred
  • No wrist rest or removable wrist rest (these compress the carpal tunnel)

What I've found so far is the Adesso Tru-Form.

Is there another or better I should consider? I can afford up to $300 for a good one, but what I can't afford is severe CTS symptoms during law school from typing on a flat laptop keyboard!

Financial Aid / Private Loans for Public Interest
« on: June 08, 2005, 01:58:20 PM »
I am planning to do my school's loan repayment assistance program after I graduate (It will be UVA's VLFP) so I needed to get a private loan with that in mind. It makes a big difference!

For instace, the recommended lender, B of A, has a 20 year repayment program on the GATE private loans, but you can only be in VLFP for 10 years. That means after VLFP you still have 10 years of private loan repayment on your own. Access group has the same situation. And they were all like WTF, this girl wants a 10-year repayment plan? Don't you know you can pay extra with no penalty? And I was like, no, that's not good enough, my school will only send the money if it's an official plan. Stupid lenders.

Northstar, whose standard repayment period is 15 years, confirmed for me (after several calls and much toing and froing) that when I graduate I can request an official 10 year repayment program, which means my loan assistance payments will be much higher, and I won't have to pay any more unless I'm earning a lot more money than I expect to.

This is important for public interest students to know, because most loan forgiveness programs seem to be scheduled over 10 years. Georgetown is an exception, in that I think they do 15 for private and 20 for federal (check to make sure).

I'm going with Northstar! Whew.

Incoming 1Ls / Help! Should I insist on a lease?
« on: June 06, 2005, 02:30:11 PM »
My new landlady doesn't seem very experienced. She has a boilerplate lease that doesn't include anything about notice before entering the premises or what happens if we break the lease. I am not hugely experienced--what should I look for in the agreement?

Also, she isn't requiring that I sign it until I get there in a month, but I need to send $950 deposit now. Should I insist on both of us signing before I pay? It's complicated since she's across the country from me!

Incoming 1Ls / Eugene Oregon Off-Campus 2-Bedroom House - $685
« on: June 02, 2005, 11:34:49 AM »
I am moving to Charlottesville and will be leaving behind my beloved home in a wonderful area of Eugene Oregon. I know how hard it is to find housing when not able to visit in person, so I wanted to make this listing available to law students who are moving to Oregon. I will be taking thorough inside pictures this weekend, but here are some attributes of the home.

The whole place was remodeled, new walls, new everything, just before I moved in last June. It has lovely pine floors (new) and blue/gray carpet in both bedrooms. There's one bathroom with a full tub. There are skylights in the back bedroom and the kitchen, washer/dryer hookups (I may even part with my washer & dryer), living and dining areas separate from kitchen. Kitchen has linoleum floors, builtin shelves and unique octagonal window. Windows and skylights in all the rooms let in lots, lots of light. There is a new front porch and a back patio where I currently grow tomatoes (which I may bequeathe to the next resident)

If you Google 250 N. Grand you will get a very near idea of where this home is (I'm not putting up my exact address). It is a stand alone house (but is very near its right side neighbor). The backyard is huge, and is shared with the left and right neighbors, who are very friendly when we manage to see them. There are raised garden beds, fig, plum, peach, and apple trees, and raspberry vines.

The neighborhood: Whiteaker Elementary school is right on the block--the block terminates in the river park, which has a bike path you can take all the way to Agate Street, and over to the school, if you fancy that. This ride would take you 15-20 minutes and be a great beginning/end to the day. (On hot days, if you ride in the other direction, you will come to a deep swimming hole on the river with a rope swing.) There's a bus stop at the end of the block on Railroad St, and just driving to the law school is about 3 miles. I love this neighborhood, especially the Whiteaker Neighborhood Association, so much. The people here are really the friendliest in Eugene.

I think this is a special home that would be perfect for someone who doesn't want to be right in the middle of the law school all the time. I would have lived there if I had gone to U of O. I am taking names and will send pictures by email this Sunday. I am moving out end of June; it will probably be available either in mid-July or August 1.

Email layna underscore faye at Yahoo to let me know you're interested in pics. Call Robert & Linda (my landlords) at (541) 689-1738.

Anyone know?

While I'm winding charms and doing chants over the NYU waitlist, should I perhaps go ahead and more prosaically apply for all my loans at the school I'll go to if the magic doesn't come through?

How does it work if you get into a waitlist school after you've applied for loans and bought a computer for another school? (I am buying a computer for a school that grants you extra loan money for that). Do you just return the loans and apply for new ones at the waitlist school?

This decision thing is taking WAY too long. I need help! Below is some background stuff on the choices and how they fit me:

I plan to do public interest, particularly work in Community Development, but I have some interest in policy. I expect to survive on LRAP, though it's possible there are acceptable corporate pro bono options I don't understand. I promised myself I'd be debt free 10 years out of law school so I can switch careers and become an organic farmer if I need to.

  • UCLA's Public Interest Law & Polic Program is killer. They gave me $17,500 merit and need aid.They have a CED clinic and smart hip students.
  • UVA is in a small town with no CED clinic and limited pro bono possibilities. They offered me $39,000. I don't like beer.
  • GULC has a CED clinic and a kicking pool they keep at 82 degrees.[Update] No aid though.
  • Penn offered no money. They have no CED clinic, but a semi-appropriate small business clinic. They're in a city and have the Wharton school for taking nonprofit management classes.

The debt/LRAP situation at each looks like so:
  • UCLA: $122,894 debt; LRAP craps out at $60,000. I get to come up with $43,000 in 10 years myself.
  • UVA: $107,000 debt; LRAP pays all at incomes under $35,000 and helps out up to earnings of $60,000. No limit on total awards!
  • GULC: $162,000 debt; LRAP makes you repay over 20 years, not 10 like normal schools
  • Penn: $153,000 debt; LRAP craps out at $100,000 ($10K/yr), leaving me holding the $53,000 bag

Vote! Put me out of my misery so I can get some sleep!

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