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Law School Admissions / Is it worth it to get an MA/PHD from this school?
« on: October 24, 2004, 07:51:35 PM »
Hello. I am a Senior at Boston University and am planning to graduate this year with a degree in Economics. I am considering going to law school and am also thinking about just going straight into the working world. I did some research and found out that I can go straight to work and receive my MA and PhD in Economics from this pretty much unknown school (link given below) during the evenings and it will only take me about 28 months in total (and will only cost me about 5 k in tuition).

My question is, is it worth it to get my MA and PhD from this school considering it is basically an unknown, or is the fact that I will get a PhD in Economics impressive as is despite the fact that possible employers probably never heard of the school? I am just wondering if by getting my MA and PhD from this small school, I will have more job opportunities and probably higher salaries than just my BA from Boston University?

Is it worth it or is it just a waste of time to get my PhD from this school:

Thanks for your advice.

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