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Law School Admissions / Dual JD and PhD?
« on: August 19, 2017, 11:43:44 AM »
I'm currently in a PhD program for history, about halfway done with my coursework. I enjoy the topic, but I've become somewhat disenchanted by academia and wonder if it's really what I want to be doing for a living - especially considering the likely poor monetary return I'll receive in the job market.

My university offers a part-time option for their law school, and I have been considering applying to the law program. I know some schools already offer established dual PhD in history and JD programs, so I have been debating if I should drop out of the PhD program completely and jump ship for JD, or if I should consider completing my coursework next year and then apply for the part time JD program while completing my dissertation. I'm not looking to make millions or become a nationally renowned lawyer. I'd just like to work in a career that offers a decent salary, fair job security, and uses skills which I'm already good at - namely researching and writing.

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