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Choosing the Right Law School / KU v. Washburn
« on: March 14, 2016, 12:26:21 PM »
I live in KCMO. I've been accepted to both KU and Washburn (I interview with KU next week.) KU's tuition with scholarships is 24k with a COA of 34k. Ranked 67. Washburn's tuition with scholarship is 9k with a COA of 20k and ranked 167.

I work at a law firm and statistics of area grads are as follows

Is Washburn really that bad? I'd much rather go to a state school that's at least known outside of the metro, but not at 34k.

Is it not graduating with honors that matters, or is it the name on the degree? (If its between these two schools.. not a t20 school.) The three most recent graduates at the large-ish KC firm I work at are Washburn grads. We hire top 25% at this firm and attys start at 75k+ salaries (I'd assume, based on the lifestyle of the grads.) The president and vice president at our firm are Washburn grads.

I hope I'm not being too difficult, I just would like as much as input as anyone is willing to give. 20k is so much more attractive than 34k, unless there's going to be a huge difference in the amount of offers I receive. I just wonder if people are looking less at the place of the degree and more of the stats of the degree holder.

Unless my prospects at working at a firm where I can make 70-90k would be stifled by going to Washburn, I would like to forego stacking on 100k debt, if possible. But not at the cost of employment opportunities!


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