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Choosing the Right Law School / Choosing a School
« on: February 08, 2016, 07:01:56 PM »
Hi all,
I'm having a real struggle deciding what to do.

So I'm in at:

-Chapman - 40k/year(2.9 GPA)
-Loyola Chicago - 20k/year(No GPA Conditions)
-DePaul - 24k/year(No GPA Conditions)
-Syracuse - 35k/year(2.8 GPA)
-Seattle U - 18k/year(upper 50% of class)
-Drexel - 25k/year(2.9GPA)
-Penn State Law - 40k/year(No GPA)

Waitlisted @ University of San Diego & Temple

I have strong ties to Orange County and I can live with my parents if I attend Chapman so that will cost next to nothing, but I have heard that Chapman puts all of their scholarship students in one section and lets them battle it out? Is this true? Is Chapman worth when it will cost me 8k/year to get my JD?

Also, I really like the idea of going to DePaul or Loyola Chicago because I love the city and would be okay leaving the west coast to live and work there. But the question is... Is DePaul or Loyola Chicago worth it at the $120k ill be paying?

Also, I do like Penn State's offer, but what is the deal with them? It is two schools now and apparently I applied to the lesser of the two because I did not apply to Dickinson?

I am open to attending any of the schools listed and I understand the regional implications of all of these schools and I am absolutely ok with it. I really just want to make the right choice.

Any advice is appreciated.

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