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Law School Admissions / International student and financial aid
« on: November 29, 2015, 04:19:15 PM »
Hi everyone !

I am from France and the LSAC finally told me that my first degree in law from my home country is the equivalent of a bachelor degree. Therefore i can apply to a JD program in the law school through the US. I am not aiming at the best ones because my LSAT score will certainly be around 150.

The problem is that tuition and fee are still pretty expensive in average law schools and i have absolutely no idea on how to "get rid of it". So here are my questions:

How the scholarship system works for international applicant ?
Is it possible for an international applicant to have scholarships that cover the entire tuition and fee ?
If I apply to a law school requiring an LSAT score that is actually below the score i'll have, can i get a better scholarship ?

Thanks for your answers !

Law School Admissions / International degree equivalence
« on: November 08, 2015, 10:26:23 AM »
Hi everybody !

I am from France and i will own my first degree in law (three years). I register to the LSAC and will soon have my transcript records 'cause i sent it few days ago. However I am wondering if my degree will be sufficient enough to get into law school due to the fact that US students complete 4 years before accessing a graduate program. So here is my question: Is my licence (three year degree) will be sufficient enough for law schools (at least some of them) ?

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