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Current Law Students / Disciplinary Action in Law School--C&F?
« on: May 06, 2015, 07:20:20 PM »
I had serious disciplinary issues in law school. I am wondering whether they will impact my C&F determination.

In fall 2013, I had a manic episode and as a result I was placed on University Probation, which lasted for the academic year. In addition, the aggrieved individuals lodged a stay away order against me. Conduct in question was harassing, aggressive, belligerent behavior over the phone, email, and in person.

In May 2014, the probation was lifted. In addition, as of now, the stay away order has been lifted for all but 2 individuals.

In fall 2014, I had another manic episode.  I was charged by my student conduct office with disorderly conduct, creating a community disturbance, failure to comply, and property damage. In addition, while the investigation was ongoing, I was given an interim suspension (not a sanction) and I was banned from campus by the school police. Later, my school gave me the option of doing a medical withdrawal in lieu of going thru the student conduct process and receiving a formal sanction. I am still not allowed on campus without the permission of the Dean.

During the medical withdrawal, I have been treated for bipolar disorder. I am under the care of a psychiatrist (monthly), a psychotherapist (weekly), and a bipolar support group (weekly). In addition, I am volunteering with legal aid in the interim to help show my rehabilitation. I will attempt to reenroll in law school in fall 2015, with the recommendation of my psychiatrist, psychotherapist, psychologist, and support group leader that I am not a danger to myself or others.

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